February 14, 2012

Tuesday-Prince William Cake?

This is not a true cake. It is more like a chocolate crunch. Except that mine is less crunchy. I know I shouldn't replace digestive biscuits with crackers (silly), but being a lazybum myself, I did. Malas pegi kedai. It almost turned to chocolate fudge, but the mixed nuts did some excellent recovering job. 

The recipe for the cake is based on Ijan's of Blog Resipi's. This cake is also known as Hedgehog Slice (Australia), Chocolate Fridge Cake (UK) and the latest is Prince William Chocolate Biscuit Cake. Read here, here, and here if you don't know why. Here, on our side of the world, the cake is popularly known as Kek Batik, or Batik Cake. All of them share about the same recipe, egg or eggless. 

Chocolate Batik Cake Recipe
(Adapted from BlogResipi)

What you'll need:
200 gm digestive biscuits or marie
100 gm butter
250-300 gm milk chocolate
200 gm / 1/2 tin condensed milk
80 gm pistachio (or any kind of your liking)
80 gm almonds, roasted
80 gm walnut, roasted

Way to do it:
1. Using double boiling technique, melt the chocolate, butter and condensed milk. Mix well.

2. In another bowl, crash the biscuits and mix with all the ready nuts.

3.Pour the chocolate mixture into the bowl with biscuits and nuts. Mix well.

4.Place a baking paper in a mould (or you can use a detachable mould as well). Pour the mixture into ready mould.

5.Keep in fridge for several hours until the chocolate sets. This will make sure the cake is gonna be easy to cut.

Check out this Kek Batik photo from Eating Asia site. It simply reminds me on why it's called Kek Batik in the first place. 

I wanted to write more, but the cough syrup I took just now is  about to kick in. Both  mommy and son are still coughing and sneezing like mad. Please pray for us. :)

Psst..He surprised me with these two books last week. *Big Grin*


  1. Kenapa kejammm sangat nihhh!!... saja kan nak seduce2 mat gebu...sabarr jee lahh...

  2. Owh, very nice books.. Must be a great surprise :)

    Bytheway, i think this is a good way of having kek batik kan. :)

    I wish both Adam and you get a fast recovery from the illness. Get well soon dear :)


  3. Ha..ha..you used nut..some used biscuit...yeap better use nut if we use biscuit dah jadi sama macam kek batik malaysia...I'm planning to make it soon.

  4. this cake looks wonderful
    plate to pixel is a good book

  5. i love these two books!!

    The photos of the cake are so beautiful.

  6. owwhhh...tt plate to pixel, you can give me, haha....yup baru semalam dah google fdor its' isbn no, nak order!donno abt kek batik...but i can just sit one whole morning in the kitchen makan lurpak!was a treat when i get my scholarship monies in uk those days haha!work of art as usual your bake and photos!

  7. Sedapnya... bila bab2 coklat jer harus sedap jer mata memandang dan mukut yang makan :)

    RC and lil adam, get well soon. Semoga cepat2 lah hilang semua2 yang tak elok tu kay. makan ubat tau...

    Nice surprise too :D Sila share2 yer ilmu itu :)

  8. dear rc. your photos never fail to make me drool. period.

    kak yani KG, i've ordered books from bookdepository (and hiding in my blanket to pay my CC. yikes!) - free delivery! check it out here: http://www.bookdepository.com/Plate-Pixel-Helene-Dujardin/9780470932131

  9. RC
    best ah dapat suprise.. ku dah lama jugak tak dapat surprise.. eh kan baru dapat surprise pi belajar buat macs.. apadahhhh.. kenapa kalau benda aka barang senang nak ingat dari benda macam ilmu?? hehehe

    Gorgeous pic! i loike!

  10. Absolutely delicious and beautiful photographs!

  11. Gosh RC!

    this one surpass them all..heavenly..can pengsan one!

  12. Ijan,

    Mmg best letak kekacang.. :) thanks Ijan!

  13. Kak Paty,

    I used both, nut and biscuit :) make one soon!

  14. Torview Toronto,

    Thanks.. Indeed@ plate to pixel.. No regret

  15. Anh,

    Thank you.. They are but not as beautiful as yours..;)

  16. Hah KG.. Dah beli kan buku tu.. Pe lagi.. Practice and practice.. Hihi best sgt buku ni

  17. MM,

    InsyaAllah Akan disharekan hehe tq.. Tinggal batuk je x baik2 ni.. Isk isk

  18. Tq MP.. You pun dah beli? Great! :D practice amik gambar byk2 pasni..

  19. K Rima,

    Your surprise best sgt maaa.. X tahan kalau dpt surprise camtu Hihi I pun nak sign up class ng you jelah kihkih

  20. Tnhw,

    Thank you for dropping by! Love your site!

  21. Kak yat,

    Ni makan waktu bulan mengambang plg syok! Hehe