June 25, 2011

Friday- Singapore Chicken Laksa {using spaghetti}

''Most restaurants (and hostesses) that feature pasta provide guests with a large spoon as well as the knife and fork. The fork is used to spear a few strands of spaghetti, the tips are placed against the spoon, which is held on its side, in the left hand, and the fork is twirled, wrapping the spaghetti around itself as it turns. If no spoon is provided, the tips of the fork may be rested against the curve of the plate.'' ''The New Emily Post's Etiquette,'' Elizabeth L. Post, 1975 By CRAIG CLAIBORNE 

The above excerpt is from NY Times.com, which highlights the right way of eating spaghetti, using fork and spoon. Instead of fork, I choose to twirl it with a pair of chopstick and Chinese soup spoon this time he he 

This chicken Laksa is specially made for Food Pixel Contest by Dario Milano. There's no grand prize, and everybody signed up for critiques and fun! Since the latest contest theme is spaghetti, I'd to substitute the laksa noodles to angle hair spaghetti. FYI, this is not a new thing-read: the subs. We'd been doing this for years already. 
This flavorful noodle soup, is made with coconut based sauce that is scented with rempah paste and served with any number of condiments. Sometimes people called curry mee. I knew I could easily ordered this at most of the hawker streets here, but I choose to make it from scratch today. Such a sweet time of headache he he 
Anyway, this was my first attempt making Chicken Laksa and the result was not bad at all. The taste is almost the same like hawker-styled Chicken Laksa. My only concern is the sidekick, the chili oil. Perhaps I should put belacan [shrimp paste] next time? *sneeze**sneeze*

Singapore Chicken Laksa Recipe
{Adapted from Almost Bourdain's Curry Laksa}

Serves 6-I halved the recipe tho

Rempah Paste:
20 Asian shallots
10 cloves garlic
10 dried chillies, soaked in warm water
10 fresh red chillies
2 tsp toasted belacan-
3 tbsp dried shrimps, soaked in warm water
6 candlenuts (buah keras)
3 tbsp curry powder

5 tbsp oil
3 stalks lemon grass, bruised
3 sprigs curry leaves- skipped
1 litre chicken stock
1 litre thick coconut milk
salt to taste
Lime, quartered
200 g tofu puffs, cut into halves
300 g bean sprouts, blanched
3 hard boiled eggs, halved
2 pieces fried fish cakes, sliced-skipped
12 large cooked king prawns-I subs it with chicken breast
12 seared fresh scallops-skipped
600 g rice vermicelli noodle (Bee Hoon), blanched- I subs it with angle hair spaghetti


  1. To make Rempah Paste: Mix all ingredients and pound into a paste with mortal and pestle, blender or food processor.
  2. Heat up oil in a soup pot, saute rempah paste, lemon grass and curry leave until fragrant.
  3. Add chicken stock and bring to boil.
  4. Lower heat and leave to simmer for about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Add thick coconut milk and bring to a boil again, stirring all the time to prevent it from curdling.
  6. Add tofu puffs and bring to a boil. Add salt to taste.
  7. To serve: Divide spaghetti and bean sprouts into individual bowls. Spread prawns, scallops, eggs and fish cake on top. Pour curry gravy and tofu puffs over and serve immediately.
Chili oil
{Adapted from RasaMalaysia}

110g chili paste
25g garlic, pounded
175ml to 200ml oil
50g dried shrimps, soaked with water-I added

Blender both chili and dried shrimp together until it become fine paste. Saute garlic and chili-dried shrimp paste in oil until the chili disintegrates and oil floats to the surface. (Use this to garnish when serving.)


  1. Makes my mouth water and tummy rumble just looking at your laksa kari...
    Amazing photos :-)

  2. I don't mind at all spaghetti for the asian noodles. And your curry laksa does look appealing to me..yum!

    Babe, I see that a herd of elephants circling your delicious bowl! Mana beli set ni? Siam? hehehe))

  3. RC
    I dah letak mangkok tingkat kat pintu depan rumah you. Lebihkan tahu n taugeh ehh? Tq.. muah!

  4. LG,
    TQ.. Hi hi I also terstumble this laksa pic on d net yesterday, terus teringin and terbuat he he

  5. Kak Lily Emily,

    Thank you.. :) dah lama x masak dish from scratch.. I bought that plate at king&kong..almost like SSF store.. Rambang mata masuk kedai he he

  6. CS,

    Orait.. Jotting down ur order now.. Hi hi

    Mcm i ckp kt k lili, i dah lama x cook dish from scratch.. Semlm i main ng adam laaaama sket, mmg wrestling abis sampai dia penat n tido lama.. He he tu pun time dia bgn, i still x sempat mandi.. ;p i seriously don't know how you guys do it lah.. I still terkejar2.. Hu hu

  7. RC,

    as always, beautiful photos. dah la I tengah lapar ni. baru je balik gym. should i or should i not? huwaaa...

  8. hi..

    love all your photos.. cantik sgt and it made me hungry too :D

  9. Superb superb superb photo!!! So inviting laksa!!! :D

  10. 1st time and it turns out like this?! amazingg.any of my first time dishes should not even be allowed into anybody's tummy!

  11. Beautiful photo. I love your bamboo bowl and green plate and even your chopsticks are fancy. I bet everything tastes better when you have pretty things like that. We don't have hawkers here in New Zealand. I wish we did, I'd be eating from hawkers everyday I think.

  12. Hi RC,
    I often substituted my 'laksa' with spaghetti too. :)
    This one looks amazingly good. Never tried singapore laksa before. Maybe i should one day. Bytheway, really nice pics :D

  13. Your laksa looks amazing! I know it's only a small part of the dish but the egg just looks perfect! Are there any other dishes where you could substitute noodles for spaghetti?

    Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi

  14. Your laksa looks amazing! I know it's only a small part of the dish but the egg just looks perfect! Are there any other dishes where you could substitute noodles for spaghetti?

  15. alah Sizuka, blk dr gym taleh mkn laksa .. Kena mkn crystal clear soup, br x rs guilty huhu

  16. Hi love, thanks for the compliment.. :)

  17. Amalina,

    Sometimes my first attemt failed jugak he he esp if it has to do with dough.. I hate kneading dough.. He he how i wish i had a breadmaker kih kih

  18. Hi bunnyeatdesign..

    Hawker food are easy to prepare, that's what i think.. It normally used cheap ingredients and has shorter preparation time.. All u need is a cooking skill, which u can easily mastered anytime.. :)

    Those pretty things are the only fancy items i have in haands he he i dont own many fancy plates and what not..

  19. Hi Ijan,

    Lama x jengah blog awak huhu jap lg singgah.. Kihkih

    Try la buat laksa ni.. I suka mkn chick laksa nisbb chili oil dia.. Mmg kaw! N ngam! Ng tekak..

  20. Hi keely,

    I love to cook my hard boiled eggs like that.. It wont give you that powdery taste when you eat the yolk.. Nigella thought me that tho huhu boiled your egg for 5 minutes, then leave it in the pot for another 10 minutes.. Yummy!

    Nway, u could always substitued asian noodle dish with spag.. I.e. Fried noodle, noodle soup, chow mein, chicken noodle,asian salad, just to name a few.. :)

  21. Thanks for linking to me and the chili oil adaptation. Your laksa looks so great. Love it. :)

  22. Your photos absolutely beautiful and these recipes look delicious! Plan to try this in the next few weeks :)

  23. ah! dalku suka laksa! mesti buat...hmmm semua mesti buaty tapi tak buat buat lagi!