August 29, 2010

Kek Kukus Buah-Buahan Cik Mat Gebu

You can get the recipe here

.I've been eying this cake from CMG blog for ages. But did'nt have enough guts to try it out because of the word 'kukus' (steam). 

My previous experiences with kukusan were bad.. Steam pau pun boleh melekit2, x rupe pau.. he he 

But today, with full of baking spirit, off me to the nearest runcit to prepare the ingredients. Golden Churn in 474g tin can cost me SGD7.30. Ouch! Mahal.. klu tak jadik kek aku, mmg lah.. 

What's make me change my mind ( to kukus this cake) is that, all recipes, especially ones that involved baking, in Mat Gebu blog were indeed tested and idiotproof!!

[but this is steaming, tu baking ;p] 

Nevertheless, my nearly 12-hrs work was paid off!!! 

Tada.. presenting Cik Kek Kukus.. thee..hee..

August 26, 2010

Ketuk Ketuk Ramadan 2010 bersama Sheila Rusly

The title belongs to a cooking show hosted by Sheila Rusly. It's not an ordinary show, like, normal cooking show,bahan2 nya adalah bla2.. cara2 nya ialah.. bla bla bla.. (i've mentioned ordinary just now and redundant it with normal ;p), it is a cooking show plus 'terjah' elements with it. 

I really like this cooking show. 


I'm crazy about it and addicted to watch it everyday. A daily dose of Ketuk2 Ramadan is a must for me. It's the only time I got to watch TV and relax <--not true 

 Not 100% relax actually.T_T

 It always happened that I  has/had to feed Adam during that peak- hour time. Juggling my eyes between Adam food, make sure it placed properly in his mouth, not his shirt/, and the big screen. Juling mate juggling camni ;p

And sometimes I ended up 'listening' to the show.. Listening tau, bukan watching.. hehe Seriously cam zaman dulu kala dgr radio..  Adam meal times were (and still are) the most challenging moment for me.  

Luckily, in SG, we have two (2) slots for Ketuk Ketuk Ramadan. RTM is airing this year, 2010 season, at 12.31 pm, everyday right before afternoon Nasional News. And Suria is showing the previous season at 630pm everyday.Perfect! while waiting to break the sawm, i get to watch the show and get some ideas for tomorrow menus.. hehe eventho previous season, tapelah, janji KKR gak..

Why I love the show? Simply bcoz of her, the host.. Sheila Rusly, with her pok pek mouth haha She is always in energetic mode, and know how to handle her show guests well ;p I also admire her feminine confidence and her cookings, although I never taste one yet haha.. obviously ;p Jemputlah saya Cik Sheila.. leh merasa air tgn Cik Sheila.. ;p hehe 

I'm not into local artist [means I'm not a hardcore fan of any artist, juz follow up gitu2 je] but it was interesting to see "artist" bersilat in the kitchen. Ada yg control ayu, cam ELLe M*zl*n.. citt poorah.. ;p  Just be yourself la, tgk K sheila tu, tak control pun.. Ade yg selamba je.. Ade yg tergopoh gapah.. Ade yg terer masak.. ;p And they all have to name their food. Believe it or not, Norman Hakim named his pudding, pudding ala Memey..alahai.. duuh.. 

Ok I had to stop this now since I dont want to turn this blog into a gossip blog ;p and jupe lagi esok hari dalam.....

Ketuk Ketuk...


[do it as Sheila Rusly did ;p] 

Brownies Lapis Cheese

Gambar sgtla tak menarik..snapped it with my BB. 

Anyway, there'r demands for this recipe too. I planned to kopi pes from the site, but since Adam br bgn and start playing with my hardisk, soon he'll get bored with it, and turn to my keyboard.. So I better kopi pes the link now hehe.. 

Here's the recipe's link for those yg mengidam nak bake this brownies. 

Beginner level cam I hehe pun leh wat nih ;p 

Tq MrsDayat from MyResepi for the recepi. I like! ;)

tgk nih, Adam dah main keyboard aku..
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August 25, 2010

Marble Cheese Brownies

Due to many demands for the recipe, hehe, so here I am, putting up the recipe on my own blog.. This is my first kitchen entry in this blog. 

The source of the recipe is from Cik Mat Gebu. TQ CMG

Kopi pes sebijik dari CMG, berikut adalah cara2 nya ;p

250 g mentega
1 cawan serbuk koko
1/2 cawan susu cair
1 1/2 cawan gula halus
3 biji telur gred B
1 1/2 cawan tepung gandum*
1 camca teh baking powder*
1 camca teh soda bicarbonate*(*digaul rata dan diayak)
1 camca teh esen vanilla
250 g cream cheese
1 cawan gula halus (guna 3/4 cawan)
1 biji telur gred B

  1. Lenser tin berukuran (10 x 10 x 2) inci dengan mentega, alas dengan kertas minyak, biar kertas minyak terlebih dari tin. Lenser juga kertas minyak dengan mentega. Panaskan oven pada suhu 175C.
  2. UNTUK BROWNIES :- Cairkan mentega (gunakan kaedah double-boiler) hingga cair, masukka serbuk koko dan kacau hingga rata. Kacau gula halus + telur dengan whisk hingga sebati. Masukkan ke dalam bancuhan koko + butter dan gaul rata. Masukkan susu cair, kacau rata. Tambah tepung sedikit demi sedikit sambil diadun hingga sekata. Tuang esen vanilla, gaul rata dan asingkan adunan ini lebih kurang 1 1/2 camca besar untuk dibuat corak atas cheese. Tuang selebihnya dalam loyang tadi, bakar 25 - 30 minit atau hingga brownies masak.
  3. UNTUK CHEESE TOPPING :- Putar cream cheese dan gula hingga sebati, masukkan telur dan putar lagi hingga berkrim. Tuang atas brownies tadi dan ratakan. Isikan adunan brownies yang diasingkan tadi dalam piping beg, dan buat beberapa garisan lurus, kemudian lorekkan untuk mendapat hasil seperti dalam gambar. Sambung membakar selama 15 - 20 minit lagi atau hingga masak, biarkan betul2 sejuk, baru dipotong untuk dihidangkan...
I really like to refer CMG blog for menu ideas and his recipes are idiotproof. hehe 

Slamat mencuba!!