July 24, 2011

On Family and Food III

Oh my..I've been missing in action for weeks now.. The long awaited mojo still hasn't arrived so far =P I miss you guys.. seriously.. I do hopped into your blog sometimes, but not as much as before... I'm in my 'limbo' kindda world right now.. should I typed sigh now?.. sighed..

Okay..less words, more pics..These are what I've been occupied with in the last few weeks.. ;) I've been taking lots of food photos, and here are some for you guys to drool over ;p eleh..

Eggless Caramel Pudding 
Recipe adapted from My Resipi by Firasyira.. It's a keeper. I've been using this recipe for hundreds of times already and it never failed me and the rest of the eaters. 

Sticky Caramel Chicken Wings
Our weekly dinner.. Easy: Marinate those wings 5-10 wings with a tablespoon of sweet soy, a tablespoon of oyster sauce and a tablespoon of honey for an hour or overnight. Bake Stirfry or bake them with garlic.  Nyum!

Quill Eggs Soup

Err..I don't have the 'right' recipe for this one..but I'll  try to upload it if there's a request for it. I love this soup.. It's a perfect sahur dish ;)

Grilled Corn

Adam and I totally hated it. Period. {He he}

July 15, 2011

Black and White Wednesday- Salted Fish

I once bumped into a black and white (B&W) recipebook and thought it was the foolish idea ever.. Who's gonna buy or lend a B&W recipebook rite? Before today, I always thought food photos in B&W are just dull and uninviting, but I was wrong.. B&W shots are interesting (not to forget, challenging!) and with a bit of creativity and techniques, it could be as great as the normal colored shots too.. 

Hmm..Where did I get this idea of B&W food photo anyway? From The Well-Seasoned Cook, which I first learned from My Diverse Kitchen blog :) Thank you guys for opening such door. If you guys, readers, are interested to take part in this photo event, you're welcome to dig more infos on both links. 

Psst.. I know it's Friday..but I can't hold this until next Wednesday he he I'm so thrill with this new event.. ;) my foodography mojo is soo back!! 

Psst.Psst..I'm still in Malacca.. ;)