May 16, 2014

Japan Trip:Tokyo, Dec 2013 (Day 5,6,7&8)

After almost 5 months, here I am, finally updating the last leg of our Japan trip. Procrastination at its best. lol You can visit my first update here, and second one here. This is the final episode of the saga. Enjoy the pix!
We left Yokohama on 7th Dec 2013 for Tokyo. 
Our luggage before we reached Tokyo. We left Japan with a huge add-ons from Muji. :P 
We stayed at this small ryokan for 5 days. It's just a small place yet so warm and cozy. I forgot the name of the place by now. Located in Ueno. I'll update on this later. 
the neighbourhood. 
We purposely got ourself nowhere aka lost while searching for a Halal Japanese Beef BBQ restaurant "Gyumon" somewhere in Shibuya, Tokyo. 
We were wandering around the area where the restaurant is supposed to be. I was kinda give up until a Malaysian guys informed us that the shop has been closed for several days. 
The shop mentioned above.
In front of ryokan view.
It was raining cat and dog the day we went to Disneyland. I wanted to take a cab, but my hubs, being an 'adventurous' himself, wanted us to embrace the weather and feel the rain. T_T
Still raining. Had probably the best toast ever while waiting for the rain to slow down. 
At Studio Ghibli Museum, Mitaka. The most whimsical place I've ever been. I wish I could freeze the whole moment I was there. This place is magical. Unfortunately, we could only take photographs of the exterior. Sobs much.
 I did steal few snaps though. :P

 Rambut :P