February 17, 2012

Adam Bakes: Blueberry Banana Muffins

Today, out of the blue, Adam asked me for a birthday cake. His birthday is apparently months away. 

"It's February, and your birthday is on July", followed with that "Month of the Year" song, hoping he would get me. He asked me to stop singing and continued asking for cake. I guess he was asking for a cake, instead of a birthday cake.
"Okay, I'll bake you one if you agree to help me bake it". He screamed for joy and started running back and forth between the living hall and kitchen. So I got my phone and went through my bookmarked list.
I decided to make muffins, instead of a real cake. He doesn't know that.....yet.:P Technically, I'm still sick...and I'm not in mood to clean up a big mess. Hi hi  
I quickly gathered a punnet of blueberries, some ripe bananas, and eggs and put them on the table. Then I asked Adam to peel the banana skins and mashed it. He did, but minutes later, his focus turned to the eggs. He wanted to beat the eggs. And before he starts to repeat himself, I cracked an egg and let him beat it. He was so happy to do it.
After finish with that, I asked him to slowly pour the eggs, followed with all core ingredients onto the dry ingredients bowl.  No single spill, whatsover. :D He helped me arranged the muffin cases, and he pointed on each hole every time I pour the batter in. Yep, I did it. I couldn't stand the coughing so I had to rush things a bit he he 
Tomorrow, these muffins  will be his breakfast and packed to school as his morning snack. :D I used Leslie Durso's Blueberry and Banana Muffins's recipe. I got 6 muffins and a small loaf out of it.

Muffins are easy. Within an hour, Adam got his "cake". :)

Psst..that is his favorite bus.. He plays with it almost everyday..


  1. I know i know... it happens to me too. Birthday cakes and songs several times a year. hahaha... fortunately he's not asking for frequent birthday present. Phew! :D

    Anyway, it must have been a great time together in the kitchen right :)

  2. haha kelakar lah Adam ni kan..

    btw, rajin Adam tolong mama dia buat Muffin ..
    Seronok kan tengok gelagat anak2 ni bila kat dapur.. :D

    Semoga RC cepat sembuh ye.. akak pun tak baik lagi batuk ni..

  3. Hey drop by to thank you..apparently my traffic shoot up when you wrote about the pros...prosperity burger,traffic via your blog....thanks for supporting and these banana blueberry look awesome

  4. Talking abt kids kita ni.. This morning Sonia suddenly asked me.. Mama when is my bday? I had to tell her the truth n now she's been pastering me for her bday cake..siap ade request lagi .. Ishh I thought this year nak skip bday bash for her...

  5. your muffin looks good.. :)

    talking about Adam's Fav bus, makes me remember my fav cartoon which is Magic School Bus. hahahaah same bus.

    btw, get well soon sis :)

  6. delicious looking cake and presentation

  7. Assalam Faizah, salam kenal dr Kuantan....teruja masuk RnC kitchen ni... Yummy recipes and wonderful pics...buat akak lapar ler... ^__^ Happy cooking

  8. Sgt xthn tengok gmbar begini....hhuhu

  9. muhammad is into trains and busses too!

  10. this post smells of motherly qualities, I loike. Your pics are superb RC, lovely.

  11. suka all your photos.. :))
    .. and get WELL soon ya!

  12. Adam is so cute! I wish the Pink Fairy would pester me to make cupcakes with her, too. Usually when I suggest baking something, I'll get the quizzical looks that comes with "Bake? You bake?" Sob! my reputation preceeds me.

    Hope you get better soon.

  13. Salam kenal RC.. sib bek adam's mum very pro buat 'kek' kan!

  14. Ijan,

    Haha @ birthday present.. Luckily they haven't noticed that yet.. Phew~

  15. Kak Ita,

    Adam Mmg suka bzkan diri dia kat dapur.. Niat nak menolong, tapi lain jadinya hehe

    Saya batuk dah nak 2 minggu.. Dah lama x batuk kering camni.. Isk isk

  16. Kak Paty,

    Ur welcome.. Traffic blog saya ni pun slow jugak.. Iklan pun x der..

  17. Kak Rima,

    After 2 birthday bashes, I dun think you can skip hehe this year boleh celebrate kat school plak.. Lg meriah with those kawan2.. Hihi good luck!

  18. Thanks Angerik..

    Magic School bus.. Google jap hehe

  19. Salam k Ummi,

    Terima Kasih sbb sudi singgah.. ;)

  20. Ciketon fazya,

    Nah satu muffin tuk awak hehe

  21. KG,

    Adam pun sama.. Boys.. Sigh.. Seme yg ade wheel seme dia nak.. Toys dah menimbun.. Huhu

  22. Cara,

    Haha@ that cheecky girl.. Relax lah.. There must be something both of you can enjoy.. Heee..

  23. Ummiaisyah,

    Terima Kasih singgah.. takde lah pro sgt kihkih..