February 6, 2012

Hainanese Chicken Rice

For tonight dinner I made Hainanese chicken rice. A regular dish I made almost every weekday. Even though I am a bit sick of chicken, as there have been few too many chicken over the weekend that are going nowhere fast, but I had to. 

Why chicken rice? You see I'd to cook while Adam is away for his playschool. Or I don't get to cook at all. I have so many things I want to do in that short period of time. That is the time where I get to go for a jog. That is the time where I get to leisurely browse some books in the library or trying out new recipes. And that is the only time where I get to play with my lens. 

...and that explains the chicken rice. Simple and quick. I can do several other things while boiling the chicken. Laundry, mopping, cleaning, take a shower, and even catch Ellen or Dr. OZ on TV, beside those listed things I mentioned in the previous para. It spelled E.A.S.Y even though it's chicken and I am sick of it. I'll try to subs it with fish..we'll see how. 
Above is Adam's plate. Believe it or not, he finished the whole plate. :D 

PS: I'm not sure where my writing is going as the 3 hours break is almost over.. :P 

PPS: The recipe is taken from Steamy Kitchen


  1. Suka sangat tgk ayam tu...mulus dan nampak sempurna....

  2. Thanks cik mat.. Gambar dr tepi nmpk cun je.. Belakang ayam tu terkopek kena sudip sebenarnye hehe

  3. Salute! Respect! I am a hainanese and have never cooked Hainanese Chicken rice before! I envy those who are able to cook a whole chicken... you see, I don't how to cut up the chicken afterwards.... :(

  4. Shirley,

    Really? Make one this weekend. :P I learned to cut the whole chicken through YouTube. It's easier than you think, and all you need is a sharp knife! :D

  5. Adoiii Dari semalam nak makan nasi ayam .. I ended up with pasta cos sonia tak nak makan nasi.. This girl tak habis habis makan pasta with cheese!

  6. Ahh...love d hot smoky flavor ..excellent cliks with tempting presentation ..you rock..!
    Tasty Appetite

  7. Your chicken rice looks great. But with too much rich food over the Chinese New Year celebration, my family are crying for something very simple like Teochew porridge.

  8. RC,

    lamanya i tak jenguk sini! really miss drooling at ur photos. ayam tu gebu and nampak so juicy. adam is so lucky! if only u're my neighbour.. wishful thinking :D

  9. k Rima,

    Still jet lagged makanan omputih tuh kak..hehe dah dia pun separuh mat saleh :)

  10. Cara,

    agree.. hols food is soo over now..

    okay..now you make me drool thinking over Teowchew porridge..need to make one soon..;)

  11. k sizuka,

    I miss you too..senyap je u.. hihi i pun senyap jugak kdg2.. meh2 dtg umah..

  12. salam RC

    Cantiknya pic ayam tu..
    wow! tak berkelip mata memandang..
    lightingnya pun perfect!

    RC mmg berbakat.. akak suka sangat gambar yg RC ambil cantik!

    sukanyaaa... alahaiii.. rasa nak terkam aje ayam togel tuu... adoiii..

  13. Kak azlita eh? What an honour.. Ingat si Dalili yg komen hehe thanks Akak! Tp taleh lawan Akak lah heheh leh tukar2 tips foodography pas ni eh .. InsyaAllah.. :)

  14. The first pic is first class lah! Liked it very very very much!!!