January 7, 2011

Friday- Ang Ku Kueh

Since I still have tonnes of banana leaves inside the fridge, so I Google-d out recipes that will make those leaves away hehe and I ended up with Ang Ku Kueh. 

There are lots of Ang Ku Kueh recipes on the net, but I found Sonia's Nasi Lemak Lover version was very helpful with a clearer methods and aided with pictorial. Thanks Sonia! You can get the recipe from the link above. 

It was my first Ang Ku Kueh and I did it while Adam took his afternoon nap. I had all the time that I want to try this new recipe. It turned out well, even though the Chinese character on the top part weren't that clear hehe.. May be I should press the dough into the mould harder next time. 

The kueh was not too sweet, just perfect for my taste buds. and BigDaddyO's. hehe I love this kueh so much but it was very rare to find it in my area.  as long as I could remember, the last time I ate it would be 2,3 years back..

Adam anyway refused to eat it and only get to taste it after the kueh was almost finished. I make 10 kuehs and ate 3 of it.. the rest went to BigDaddyO tummy. hehehe

January 6, 2011

Thursday- Nasi Lemak 20 cent

BigDaddyO and I watched TV show a couple night ago and we saw this nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves on it and it drool me big time that night hehe.. Straight away I planned to skip the meal on the menu planner for this nasi lemak. 

So, early in the morning, Adam and I went to the wet market to find banana leaves and it cost me SGD3 for 10 big banana leaves. "Take it or leave it, cannot buy less than that.." and I went home with a bulk of banana leaves with me.. T_T
Nasi Lemak 20 cent is a simplified version of all the nasi lemak we have in town today. Today nasi lemak was so overrated with all kind of side dishes and it's way too much for me. I.e. of side dishes are fried chicken, fried fish, hot dog, sambal udang up to sambal puyuh, all type of veges, all type of fish ball and fish cakes.. way too much..and yet for this nasi lemak 20 cent, it was so original and humble. Only egg, sambal and fried anchovies are allowed inside. And sometimes, cucumber and nuts. 

This 20 cent nasi lemak was very easy to prepare since it would only require nasi yg betul2 lemak and sambal yg betul2 sambal  hehe the rice must has a balance taste of coconut milk, ginger and salt with nice pandan fragrant.. and for the sambal, it must be in between sweet, sour and salty. The extra accessories as fried anchovies, cucumber, nuts and eggs are up for you to put. I forgot to buy egg, so no eggs for the wraps. 
The best part is when you unwrapped the banana leaves. The combination fragrant of banana leave with the rice was so aromatic. Remember to smoke the banana leaves first before you wrapped the rice and etc inside. 

Any nasik lemak recipe [go google..hehe] will do for this nasi lemak 20 cent. the most important is the wrapper, the banana leaves itself. 

that'll make a big different.. and I still have tonnes of banana leaves in my freezer..huhu

p/s: this really reminisce my early school days..my mom always used banana leaves to wrap nasi lemak, nasi goreng, or nasi bungkus for my Ko-Q days. My dad would take the school bags with him [after the school time over] and handed us the wrapped home-made lunch. and then, my sister and I would eat it in a quite canteen corner and wait together until the club session started. ...Oh I miss her..

Wednesday-Pandan and Coconut Ice Cream

This is my first home-made ice cream! I love the taste combination of pandan & coconut, and the taste became even better with nut & choc sprinkles on top. I will try to experiment this recipe with other flavor soon. hihhi..

Adam didn't like it. Baguslah hahaha maybe it's too cold for his tongue..

BigDaddyO [yes, from now on, he'll be address as that] liked it very much but told me it became sweeter scoop after scoop towards the end.. hmm..I guess it was less sweet during solid form and it became more sweet as it gradually melt..hmm maybe..just maybe.. okay...less condensed milk next time.. :)

okay, why dont' you guys give it a try and report back hehe.. here's the recipe..taken from Ellie's Almost Bourdain.. She served this ice-cream with brioche and palm syrup as a dessert and some claimed it's Better Than Sex [BTS] dessert..thee.. There are tonnes of mouth-watering recipes in her blog that I've bookmarked and yet to try.. hehe Thanks Ellie!

Pandan and Coconut Ice Cream Recipe {Source: Almost bourdain}

395 g sweetened condensed milk
300 ml thickened cream
270 ml coconut milk
1 tsp pandan essense
1/4 tsp pandan paste


-Combine all ingredients in an electric mixer and whisk together until thick and light. The mixture should be thick enough to leave a trail on the surface.
-Pour the mixture into a covered container, stick it in the freezer.

Oh how I wish my diet program is over and I could savor all the food that I've prepared more and more and more.. I only allowed myself to eat a scoop of ice cream and really had to refrain myself from opening the freezer door. ;p I could only peep but cannot eat..Hey that's kindda rhyme! ;p

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