February 17, 2011

Tasty Thursday- Cranberry-Orange-White Choc Chips Scones

Before putting it in the oven...
After taking it out of the oven..
Recipe taken from Eat Real's Scone Four Ways.. TQ2..it's a keeper!!

February 1, 2011

Tasty Tuesday- Tangerine-shaped Pineapple Tart

Sorry for not being around that much. I've been putting my nose on my sewing machine lately. It's my new found hobby and there're so much things to learn and I'm all excited for it. hehe 

So, what's up? For us, we're going back to Melaka, visiting my parents and siblings this CNY holiday. Oh I miss them so much already..wish I'd a Mary Poppin's umbrella with me right now.. [oh wait, Doraemon's pintu sesuka hati is way easy hehe].. we also planned to go for Adam's med check up and shots at Prince Court Med Centre [PCMC] and maybe spend a night or two at our KL home. 

My sisters have been asking for Adam every time I phoned them this week. They're all excited to meet Adam and eager to spend time with him. [I'll have my own sweet time..yeay..] Adam is the first grandson and nephew of our family and yet, my family didn't get to meet him that frequent. So you could imagine how much my family especially my parents miss him... I bet they'll have some marvelous time together. I can't wait for a picnic, shopping, visit kambing2, hehe, cooking with my mom, my dad's lecture on various topics, my sisters' jokes, laughters and tears, meal times esp dinner and solat jamaah... 

Since my family is really into pineapple tarts and it's CNY celebration, so I made a jar of it [about 100 pieces of big tarts] for them. I totally forgot to count BigDaddyO in since he also crazy over this tarts. So I might have to stay up tonight preparing another batch of tarts for him hehe.. 
The recipe was taken from my previous Flower-shaped Pineapple Tart.

Okay gtg now.. I need to finish off my sewing project, then bake trays of tarts, 2 cakes, and if the weather permits, I might also making some macarons for my family. It's been raining cats and dogs these few days!! Humidity plays a large part in making this little beauties. Soggy day was not a good day to make macarons. It'll take few hours for the batter to dry which normally took about half an hour only. 
okay..can't wait to go back to Melaka and have fun, fun fun.. Org Jasin a.k.a Lurpak, jgn jeles kay haha.. I'll be back with load of photos..and foods :D :D