February 19, 2012

Beef Soup

What is the best food when you are sick and don't feel like eating? This is it. Hearty hot soup with crusty white loaf slices. I like eating it warm, garnishes with some fried shallots and chopped spring onions.
ADABI soup spices powder. Power.
No, I didn't put any of those into the pot. Swear.
That white, crusty loaf is made with my new bread maker. Yes, we finally own a bread maker. Call me a cheater, but I'm starting to fall in love with my new toy. No more kneading :P
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  1. Memang best cicah roti dengan sup hangat. Ohhhh my BM dah lama terperap atas kaunter dapur.

  2. Hazila,

    Time tgh semangat ni byk lah hasil.. Tunggu ah bila dah xde mood meroti nanti.. Sama lah terperap nanti hehe

  3. RC
    Kat sini pun ramai yg simpan sebeban ubat2an.. What's new kan? Dah musim ..

    Sikit sup.. I nak slurp kuat2...ooops!

  4. Cik som,

    Kita dah 2 Kali gi clinic, 2 kali amik ubat.. Tp blom nak baik lagi.. Dah lama x demam teruk ng selsema batuk camni.. Hehe skali kena huh.. Rasakan.. Terbaring trus.. Sabar jelah..

    You nak sup? Nak sesudu huhu

  5. Get well soon RC.. i think i will cook soup lah later.. fening lalat lahhh :o(

  6. get well soon aite..season sakit nih..err..this is the perfect soup for me..or that hot2 tomyum..

  7. Mom cooked sup ayam kampung for me yesterday. I love to have a bowl of hot chicken soup whenever I'm sick..especially if there are a lot of potato wedges to go with it :)

  8. K Rima & K Yat,

    Get well soon tau.. Musim demam kembali hehe hot Tomyam pun best! Nak cook lah

  9. Cahya,

    Sup ayam kampung mmg xleh lawan lah ng beef soup Akak ni hehe you too get well k..

  10. I love this soup recipe! I have just successfully finished a bread loaf recipe and I think this soup will make a perfect match. Gotta try this now! Thanks for sharing!