March 28, 2012

Eggless Chocolate Cake with Strawberry+Cream Filling

Believe it or not, this is an egg-less cake. No egg, no butter yet the cake is still so moist and delicious. :) The recipe is adapted from Passionate About Baking. TQ Deeba for sharing this lovely recipe!
Oh please excuse the messy look. I didn't trim the cake edges...why waste it?  Home made are supposed to look like that :P
Bought two quarts of strawberry and I used all of it for the filling. Love the strawberry compote to bits! {no pic..sorry}
To date, I believed this is the most delicious chocolate layer cake I've ever made. The strawberry filling really took this cake to the whole new level. 
 We didn't eat cake a lot, but we loved this cake so much and had two or three slices at one go. Even Adam had it twice (Read: He's not into chocolate).
 I had great time making this cake. And there's still half of it in the fridge ;) 


  1. rasa nak nangis tengok cake nieh.. punya la tempting! loving your pictures... keep it up.

  2. RC... cantiknye kek tue... yang separuh dalam peti ais tu takmo kongsi ke? heheh

  3. serius gojes! from the pccs to the cake! pengsannnn

  4. cantiknya setiap layer nampak kemas sangat

  5. Looks delicious! Is it possible to give the recipe in text? I had a hard time reading the list of ingredients and directions :p

  6. Haha sorry.. I guess the recipe card is meant for my eyes only :p I'll write down the recipe then. Give me a min.

  7. This is beautiful! Eggless cake made so deliciously...;)

  8. omg, sure nak try nnti!! sedappp giler.. heheh

  9. First time I read your blog and have been amazed. Really creative stuff you put there in your cake. First time I saw it really.

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