September 19, 2010

Saturday Soto Ayam

It Saturday morning, I woke up at 8 and had a terrible craving for Soto Ayam. Quickly had my shower and off to the wet market to buy all the ingredients. It took me a while to slowly pick and grab all the portions from the market since I never prepare Soto from scratch ;p

But, me being me, even though I had a list with me, I forgot to buy the main component, the Adabi nasi Himpit. [not all from scratch he he ]My saviour a.k.a my hubby had to go here and there, from shop to shop to find THE nasik himpit. or else we would have to settle on bihun. So x jadik la soto ayam.. ;p jadik bihun soto nanti..but he managed to come home with 2 packet of it.. Great!

Even though it sounds so easy to prepare it, believe me when I say it is soooo tedious to make Soto Ayam from scratch. I normally buy the Soto "rempah" and threw everything inside the pot and it would taste more like a chicken soup rather than a real Soto Ayam. As I said, it was tedious. I had to prepare the soup, the begedil, lining down the "rencah" aka carik ayam, frying the soo hon, slicing down everything, oh etc. I was rushing since we had a Raya date at my sis in law house at 1++. I was sweating all the time trying to cope with the timeline. Oh, baju x iron lagi, Adam x makan lagi, soto x siap lagi. tsk.

Finally, after 21/2 hr in the kitchen, my soto is served on the table. Phew! 

And to my amaze, Alhamdulilah, Adam ate a bowl of it. Being known for his western appetite, it surprised me very much. and I'm Glad my hubby love it, in fact he added another bowl of it. It was yummeh to our own liking. As I always said it, this recipe is a keeper!! 

Thanks CMG for sharing the recipe!! here's the link for those who wanna try it.

Oops.Missing in action in above pic is the begedils.

Macam cokodok kan? T_T

September 16, 2010

Tart Nenas Bunga with cream-cheesed dough

Tart Nenas has become a must-served Raya cookie on the table for most families in Malaysia including mine. And most people would claim their mom's, or auntie's, grannie's or any other Jane's the best. 

So do I. 

My mom's recipe is my father's favorite since it melts in your mouth and the best part is the pineapple filling itself. The sweet-sour tasted jam was indescribable.Yummehs! For me, my mom is sooo good in making jam, you named it, from pineapple jam up to rambutan jam. And again it all were yummeh!

So, this year, I decided to bake my own tart nenas. My early plan was to follow my mom's recipe, kunun resepi warisan lah ;p, but I was tempted to try K. Fida recipe in MyResepi. She added cream cheese into the dough, and I presumed it would enrich the dough with "lemak2" flavor. And it did! So this recipe is totally a keeper. ;)

For the shape, frankly typing, I adore the old-shaped tart, round and love shapes, more that the 'gulong" one. Non other reasons except the shape reminisces me back into my childhood memories where we used to make tart nenas in that shape. Nolstalgic!

But on the other hand, I saw this flowery shape on Google and "sepantas kilat" did the tart with this shape. And it was a tedious job ever. It took me about 4 hours, bersekang mata, shaping up the petals and leaves. But the result was amazing. Definitely will make my tart with the Flower shape ever. :)

Will update more on this. Need to work some magic in the kitchen..