October 27, 2011

Thursday- One-Pot Chinese Chicken Rice

1. Being a mom to an active toddler with picky palate is tiring. The struggle of feeding him never seem to end, and sometime I'm exhausted with worry. :/ I read somewhere, that a child will eat when they're hungry. If they don’t eat, they are not hungry. But that doesn't seem to ease my worry. Indeed, I'm a mom. 

2. As for the chicken dish, two words describe it best, comforting and delicious. With that, I vowed to make this meal a regular. Besides, who need to cook a fancy stuff when nobody is there to eat it. :/ Husband..cepatlah pulang...

    One-Pot Chinese Chicken Rice 
    (Loosely adapted from Donna Hay's recipe at Lifestyle Food)
    Serves 2

    3 cups (750ml) chicken stock- I boiled the whole chicken with   
    ginger and garlic, then used the stock. 
    6 slices ginger-approx
    4 cloves garlic, halved-approx
    1 long green chilli, sliced
    1½ cups (300g) jasmine rice- 1 pot of rice
    4 x 125g chicken thigh fillets, halved- I used whole chicken
    4 green onions (scallions), sliced
    1 cup coriander (cilantro) leaves-omit
    soy sauce, to serve

  1. Place the stock, ginger, garlic and chilli in a deep frying pan over high heat and bring to the boil.
  2. Add the rice and stir once to distribute evenly over the bottom of the pan. When the stock comes back to the boil, add the chicken.
  3. Cover, reduce heat to low and cook for
  4. 20 minutes or until the rice has absorbed the stock and the chicken is tender. (RC's Note: I cooked till the rice is ready, then glazed the chicken with a mixture of dark +light soya sauce,honey, oyster sauce and a bit of orange marmalade, and popped it in the oven.-you'll get a crispy skin with this!
  5. Top the chicken and rice with the onion and coriander and serve with soy sauce.


  1. Babe,
    Wow, this is something I'd love having everyday! You have done justice to this dish and I'm drooling just looking at it! Have I ever told you, you're a good mum? FYI, you are, my dear....and a wonderful cook too ;)

  2. kak RC.. one whole chicken!! habis ke tuu?? kalau x, tun nk gi tolong habiskan niii....

  3. kak RC, that looks so delicious..I want the whole chicken please..hehe

  4. RC
    Masuk jer sini, you tempt me with that karipap puthing ..

    Pastu masak dari resipi Donna yg ever smiling tu. Nasi tu ada kuah or special gravy tak?

    Note: Cahya .. let's share the chic. You takleh makan sensorang nanti gemuk, hehe.

  5. i'm a sucker for chicken cenggini. nice...

  6. Wah... interesting!! nampak yummy sesangat.. untuk org jakun bab masak memasak nieh n 1st time tgk masak gaya ini... LIKE!

  7. Aww.. K Lily.. reading your comment made me sob..sob..

    I was down when I wrote this entry.. Thank you for your kind words..It gave me soothing relief.. raising a kid is not easy but it's not that hard either.. kan2.. ;)

  8. Tun,

    Tak terhabis hehe.. ade some leftover, so I keep it in the freezer.. Kalau nak buat ape2 nanti bole defrost balik hehe

  9. CS,

    hehe buat lah karipap spiral tuh..I dah malas nak buat dah.. yg nak makan kat rumah ni tak ramai, so tak berbaloi nak bersusah payah klu quantity dapat ciput je hehe

    I suka recipe nih..ade velen chicken stock, I buat sup tuk si kenit.. Tastewise lebih kurang cam nasik ayam hainanese..

  10. Noir,

    My husband pun..too bad dia takde kat sini.. dpt anta gambar je, kasik dia drooling sorang2 kat sana haha

  11. MM,

    You harus buat!! carik deep pot cepat..hehe I suka resepi one pot camni.. senang tuk org yg terkejar2 nak buat seme benda cam I.. a.k.a resepi org malas.. haha campak2, siap!

  12. Salam RC,
    Menarik nye. Menyelerakan je nampak one whole chicken macam tu. We always like nasi ayam, but never tried this style. :)

  13. RC
    Adoi.. boleh buta mata ku melihat ayam mu! hehe.. habis tak?? can we trade?? :op