October 26, 2011

Black and White Wednesday- Bunashimeji Mushroom

Bunashimeji Mushroom

"You must grow like a tree, not like a mushroom"
~ Janet Erskine Stuart

The Black and White Wednesday is inspired from The Well-Seasoned Cook's Black and White Wednesday-A weekly Culinary Photo Event. 


  1. Salam RC,
    I couldn't stop looking at your pictures. They are really so beautifully taken. I love the idea of sometimes black and white. Brilliant work! take care dear. Kisses for lovely Adam :)

  2. RC
    wonderful and awesome pic! loved it. and ahem i like ur new lay out too!

  3. Hi RC,

    It's me again. RC ada tanya tentang tart tu kan. it was not salty, ada rasa manis2 sikit sebab i letak 2 tbsp sugar and just a pinch of salt. Boleh edit Kalau tak nak manis pun boleh adjust lagi sugar amount tu. I was using the following recipe, just in case RC nak cuba :)


    Have a great day!


  4. Thanks Ijan! :) for both compliment and link..susah2 je.. hik..

    Si Adam dah tido, so jap lagi I gi dapur uli..hehe Thanks again! ;D

  5. K Rima,

    Thank you..*BIG HUG* he he

    I wish I could stick to one layout forever..hehe tapi tak boleh.. perabot kat umah pun kita tukar susunatur selalu hehehe

  6. your food your pics your new house.....all are art works! i can only try to emulate! hehe!i kalau nak tukar rumah or susun perabut, emmm not my forte, tak reti haha!