October 3, 2011

Malaysia’s First Ever Blogger MasterChef : Poached Pear in Cage {Pear Tart}

Whitney Miller, Julie Goodwin, Adam Liaw, Isabella Bliss, Lucky and Brett. Do these names sound familiar to you? They are all crowned with Masterchef title in the infamous Masterchef aired all around the world. Wait a minute! Malaysia is about to have our own Masterchef soon. I am all excited about it *Happy Dance* 
I always love to watch Masterchef. If you read my previous entries, there are two or more recipes adapted from the show. As for the contestant, my vote will always goes to someone with a strong cooking and baking passion like Julie Goodwin. I always want to be part of the cooking show, but with my little Adam by my side and Hubby's hectic travelling schedules, I just couldn't see where should I place my dream at. Besides, I'm still a rookie.

So when Nuffnang announced the "Malaysia's First Ever Blogger Masterchef" contest, I was so thrill about it and said to myself, "let's do this!!". The timeline is short, why not.. There's no harm in trying my luck in this contest too. 
I heard about the challenge since last month and it took me days to figure out which recipe I should feature for the contest. The light bulb finally arrived today, on the last day of submission. Can you imagine?

MasterChef Malaysia will be launched on 22nd October 2011. Tune in to Astro Ria (Channel 104) to watch MasterChef every Saturday-Wednesday at 9.00pm. Now don't you miss the ultra informational Master Class which will be on every Friday at 9.00pm.

- Official Site URL – http://www.astro.com.my/MasterChef/
MasterChef is a worldwide phenomenon. A cooking reality show, that although doesn’t allow viewers to vote, has still broken viewership records in US and Australia. MasterChef is a success because not only is Food something we are all very passionate about but the show only allows amateur cooks to compete. Malaysians who love cooking but never had a chance to really showcase their skills and be appreciated, now get the opportunity! Get ready for the MasterChef phenomenon to take over Malaysia on 22nd October 2011!

I don't have a signature dish...(yet..) but I do have a long list of favorite recipes. Since time is not Mom's best friend, I simply chose this Poached Pear in Cage as my favorite recipe.The recipe is adapted from my previous post here. Why I love this recipe so much? I declared it as the most delicious dessert I've  ever prepared. The sweet spices aroma of the soft poached pear inside is perfectly blend with the crispy puff outside. I love, love and love this dessert so much! 
Click to enlarge the recipe.


  1. aku tak pernah coba lagi this poached pears.. sebab benda yg bercrust ni, i prefer something savoury, yg manis2 ni aku kureng sikit.. but I bet, mesti sedap kannn?

    sila join the contest, good luck babe!!!

  2. that looks divine kak RC..especially the last picture ;)

  3. Mim,

    tolonglah buat.. sedap giler.. kalau dessert manis2, aku prefer ade rasa spices sket, so kureng lah manis dia sket.. aku beg ko, buat lah menda ni, sedap giler..hahaha siap berbegging2..aku nagis time makan tadik hehe ;p

    blogger masterchef? TQ ;p

  4. RC, you should definitely win!!! ur food, recipes and food photography all delicious! ada kena vote2 tak? meh i nak vote :D

  5. Kayla,

    Thank you.. cannot vote lah ;p he he nuffnang will choose 40 semifinalist.. Just trying my luck.. ;p

  6. RC,
    Looks so yummy tapi nampak complicated jer nak buat esp yg org yg haru biru masak mcm MM. anyway, good luck ya!

  7. RC, those pears are really sexy looking! and you are very smart to create the moods for them looks gorgeoes!

  8. Mm, senang je sebenarnye hehe takde masa nak wat demo thru vid.. Hihi check my previous entry on this dessert..