June 7, 2011

Tuesday- Hainanese Toast Bread and Soft-Boiled Egg

Comfort food are best served when you're sick. Be it a cold or a heartsick.

Both Adam and I are sick right now. Down with mild fever, some cough and runny noses. Nothing to be worry about actually. Except that, nightmares await me every time I try to feed Adam his med. Sigh.

On the other hand, these toast and soft-boiled egg are one of my favorite comfort food. I would usually eat this toast more during my non-runny-nose-days albeit the diet regime I'd to obey. 
The Hainan bread is so fresh and soft. To me, the best way to eat them is to toast them, and spread them with kaya+butter combo [please don't burn it like mine..hangus..] The other way of eating them best is to dip them [plain] with soft-boiled egg or creamy chicken curry. * Two-thumbs up* 

Okay, I need to get back to Adam. He's awake and keep asking me to play with him. I leave you guys with recipe on how to get the perfect soft-boiled egg. 

Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg. 
{Adapted from Iphone4 Apps-Farm Pride Egg Timer}

1. Place eggs into saucepan and cover with cold water.
2. Begin to boil water on medium heat.
3. Once the water reach boiling point, reduce the heat to simmer.
4. Simmer them for 3.5 minutes. 
5. Serve them immediately. :D

{Note: The time stated varies with egg-sizes, large-3.5 minutes, XL-4 minutes, Jumbo size-6 minutes}


  1. oh how i wish i can take nice good photos like you. *sigh* nice blog btw! :)

  2. Babe,

    Sorry to hear about you and Adam being sick. Get a good rest, both of you, though I know, we mothers can never nurse our sickness with babies around.

    Look, how simple food like this tempt me so much! I'm fasting, but the thought of my skipping breakfast of soft-boiled eggs kills me...hehehe

    Get well soon. ;)

  3. Hi Aisyah..

    Thanks for dropping by :D I went to your blog, and your photos are amazing too..we both need more and more practices, that's all.. :D

  4. MPJ,

    Thank you..telan ubat now.. hi hi

  5. Kak Lili,

    I'm lying on my bed now, a bit drowsy, and my husband is taking his turn in dodoi-ing Adam to sleep. Isn't he the sweetest of all? he he

    okay, you reminded me on my puasa ganti..I shud've done that few months ago..every year mesti camni he he

  6. Mmmm neffis gözüküyor :)
    Ellerinize sağlık..
    Türkiye'den sevgilerimle..

  7. Get well soon dear!! itu roti panggang persis kopitiam mari!! :)

  8. Get well soon, Ribbon and Adam.
    Ala ciannya anak beranak sakit. Sakit sakit pun amik gbr memang cantek.
    Ajar MP amik gbr cantik camni leh??

  9. Get well soon, Ribbon and Adam.
    Ala ciannya anak beranak sakit. Sakit sakit pun amik gbr memang cantek.
    Ajar MP amik gbr cantik camni leh??

  10. ala ciannya dua2 xsihat.. get well soon dear, byk minum air, cuaca panas sgt kot, pepun byk rehat K:)

  11. RC
    Diharap Adam n mamanya dah sihat. Am still waiting alkisah ketam masak apa re: your previous entry :-)

  12. ala sian you and adam....lepas makan telorq separuh masak ni tdoq lepas tu inshaallah ok! my way of making half boiled egg...boil water, wash telorq, then immerse telorq dalam boiled water tu for 5 mins lepas tutup api! my hubs loves this....i tak suka telorq xcept telorq dadar!