June 17, 2011

On Family and Food II

I love taking photos especially on food and of course, Adam. The followings are some photos to feed your eyes.. I'll provide the link for the recipe by request. lol [oh..am I that lazy?]
Mushroom Toast...a must-have-weekend breakfast.. 

Sticky Caramel Chicken

3 cheese ravioli with cream sauce for the little guy

Mushroom Beef Burger

Chicken Tandoori, Cucumber-Tomato Salad and Rice
Taking his first MRT ride :D 


  1. bergayanya dak Adam nih. x x x MP
    Link kalau nak tgk Seth tu Mak Piah bubuh dekat comment box tau.

  2. RC,

    as always, lovely photos!! cantik la rambut adam. curly and cute! :D

  3. ouuhh sgt teruja dgn menu mu ni.. nyummm xble bgn dr kerusi cam ni, hehe makan xtoleh kiri kanan..ngheeeee, btw adam sgt2 cute gan rambut curly itue:)

  4. Your meals look delicious. I love mushrooms so the first photo caught my attention. Then! I saw the chocolate tarts below. Those look sinfully yummy!

  5. I would love to have the recipe link for your Sticky Caramel Chicken. It sounds wounderful. Thank you for sharing.


  6. i want mushroom beef burger please. manjang tak jadi bila buat mushroom for the burger.

  7. hello, i'm your new reader. ur blog is such an inspiration for a learner like me.appreciate if you could share the mushroom burger recipe.looks delish!

  8. awww u found me *shy*

    would love to meet you too =) let's keep in touch okay? my email:dharmeister@gmail.com

    salam isra' mikraj!

  9. Hye along... nk recipe Mushroom Toast
    Mushroom Beef Burger... ct_taherah@yahoo .com