June 10, 2011

Friday- Heaven Chocolate Tart with Pistachios

Firstly, I would like to thank you guys for all the get-well-soon wishes, be it from comment or emails. Alhamdulilah, we both are getting better, just a little bit of coughing here and there. 

Cik Som, Kak Lili, Kak Yat Easybakesdari jauh ku pohon maaf he he FYI, I made stuffed crab and it was a bit disaster ha ha thus no photo uploaded =P I really wish I could attend you guys better {read: you readers}. No more 'promises' in the future. I'm so bad at keeping up with it. :( Do I need to arrange a giveaway then? Naah..this is not a promise okay.. =p
Anyway, back to the this rich chocolate tart. The recipe was taken from my previous entry, Heaven Chocolate Tart. To make it different, I sprinkled some crushed pistachios as topping this time. Berterabur. But home-made food are supposed to look rustic right? {lame excuse}

Pistachios remind me of my boarding school days. There were few motivational sessions arranged by our school during our SPM year. In one of the session, we were told by the renowned motivator, I forgot his name duuuh.., that some seeds and nuts are 'brain foods", and he named us few of them including pistachios. We were like, "aah..what's the name again? must get that weird-named nut now.." {Note: Pistachio was not this popular back then} Since that day, most of the student were snacking on that pink-greenish nuts at all time. Besides yellow and black raisins. lol
I wouldn't dare to ask my father to bought me one, since it was quite expensive. Out of nowhere, he bought me one jar eventually. Happy. We were told to take 7 or 5 pistachios and raisins a day and I did it religiously. Not sure whether the nuts helped or not, but I scored my SPM well tho. By the end of the day, nuts or no nuts, one still have to put his/her nose between the pages to score well right? 
Anyway, many thanks to Cik Mat Gebu for 'promoting' my blog earlier this week. This humble page of mine was flooded with visitors since then. Thank you for being one of my follower, CMG. You make my day! :)


  1. Salam RC,

    Wow, your blog must be well received given the promoting CMG had issued! Am happy for you, babe. ;)

    I agree with you about home-cooked food should look rustic...hence, that paring knife of yours! hehehehe

    Ever heard of pistachios are 'kacang cerdik' in Malay?

  2. wooww sedap tengok yang dah gigit tu.. mcm nak tumpang gigit jugak. hehe

  3. Hi there, thnx for the visit, just got time visiting urs..btw nice pics! remind me on cannelle-vanille... btw good job!

  4. vavavava, pe'jahh!! hevat di blog juga di dapur, i bangga you!! heheheh

  5. RC
    I mahapkan you *dah you mohon, I tak naklah hampakan you, hehe*

    I suka pistachios garing tapi banyak kali I makan yang lemau, nape ek? Niway, I dont mind kalau kacang nih lemau bila makan roti dgn tahina manis, yum!

  6. Excellent photography dear! Awesome ;)

  7. RC,

    tak sihat ke? I dah few days tak blogwalk, jadinya, sangat2 la ketinggalan keretapi. get well soon..

    and sebagai upah for the get well wish tadi, sila beri sebijik choc tart itu.. hahahhaa.. just kidding. take care! :D

  8. hi there......sonang2 nanti singgah ler dapur nasya...he..he..

  9. These look really good. I just stopped eating my bowl of pistachios so I'd have some to make this. Awesome photography, too.

  10. next time I go back to Singapore for Raya. perhaps we can meet up! love reading your blog..awesome~