April 19, 2011

Tuesday- Durian Soufflé

Remember my Chocolate Soufflé here? I made another suicidal soufflé attempt today, and I chose to make durian soufflé out of hundreds soufflé recipes available on Google. It' durian season, and why not joined the blogosphere durian fever festive kan? Most of the food blogs that I followed tayang resepi durian, and I wanna take part too.. ;D
The urge came after I saw one of "The F Word" episode this morning, where Gordon Ramsay made a Christmas pudding soufflé. He pointed out few tips while preparing it and I was eager to try it out. The tips are about the same as in Muchabout recipes and it's highlighted in bold below.
As for the durian flavor, I did plan to buy some durian today since I wanted to bake kek lapis 
durian for my parents. I guess I had to go out again tomorrow to replace it back. ;) or maybe whip another layer cake flavor for them. I never make layer cake before, so hopefully it'll turn out well *crossed finger*

The durian soufflé is creamylicious nyum nyum nyum and it wasn't sweet as I thought it would be. Nyum nyum.. Too bad husband is not around to taste it. Wait till you come home eh bebeh ;p 

Durian Souffle Recipe

{Adapted from Muchabout..TQ!}
  • 4 nodes durian
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 Tbsp melted butter
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar powder
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 4 egg whites
  • Additional butter and sugar for ramekins

  1. Preheat oven to 375 F
  2. Smear cold butter over the inside of the ramekins, making sure that all of the surface is covered. This is the most important step. The batter will stick to any uncovered patch of the ramekin and you won’t get a good rise.
  3. Pour some sugar into the buttered ramekins, tilting and turning them until all the bottom and especially the sides are covered. Again, super-important that this step is done right. Place the ramekins in the refrigerator until needed, to keep the butter from melting.
  4. Scrape the durian flesh away from the seeds. Combine with the milk and melted butter into a blender, and blend until smooth.
  5. Into a large mixing bowl add the egg yolks and 1 tsp of the sugar. Whisk until smooth.
  6. Add the blended durian mixture into the egg yolks, beat until smooth. Set aside.
  7. Into another mixing bowl add the egg whites along with the remaining 1 tsp sugar, whisk until frothy. Add the cream of tartar powder, then continue to whisk until you get stiff peaks. In this step you are adding air bubbles into the egg whites which will expand in the oven and provide the lift for your soufflé.
  8. Scoop out 1/3 of the beaten egg whites and add it into the durian mixture. Mix thoroughly.
  9. Take half of the remaining egg whites and add into the now-lightened durian mixture, using a gentle folding motion to preserve the volume of air bubbles as much as possible. Repeat with the remainder of the egg whites.
  10. Take the ramekins out of the fridge and pour in the batter to about 3/4 full. [RibbonClown-I put the batter full, then scrape it flat] Do not overfill. Wipe any drips away from the lip, as these will stick and interfere with the soufflé rising.-important!
  11. Place the ramekins into the oven, and bake until the top is risen and golden brown, about 15-20 minutes depending on your oven.


  1. menarik.. blh try nanti.. masuk list dulu..

  2. Awesome! I am really curious and intrigued!

  3. waduh.. very tempting la! baru je nk buat choc tart dah tayang durian souffle plak. huhuhu..

  4. That's a beautiful souffle. I've never attempted to make one because I think it will definitely flop, hehehehe..
    Awal2 dah mengaku kalah :-D

  5. Gojes souffle! naik nye bukan main.. ini lah important part abt souffle kannn.. nak ambil gambar pun tak leh tunggu lama lama.. keluar oven terus click hhehehe..

  6. OMG!!! super duper gorjes lookign souffle...i sungguh takut nak buat souffle sbb takut by the time amik gambar, my souffle tu dah jatuh bedebuk...one more time nak cakap...sangat gorjes hokkay! tabik spring ah kat u ;-)

  7. Fabulous!!
    Never made souffle before.... dunno why? But seeing yours makes me wanna give it a try :)

  8. K.Yani,

    bookmark2x.. saya nyer b/mark list dah pjg nih..segala yg sedap di b/marked..;p

  9. Shirley,

    It's the yummiest souffle I've ever tasted..so far.. try it! This recipe worked well for me.. :) and it's a keeper..

  10. Shirley,

    It's the yummiest souffle I've ever tasted..so far.. try it! This recipe worked well for me.. :) and it's a keeper..

  11. MP June,

    Buat dua2 hihi.. choc tart tu kejap je buat.. pas dah siap, letak lam fridge, godek souffle ni plak hehe souffle kena makan cepat2..dah sejuk tak sedap..

  12. fazira,

    sebab durian yg buat dia sedap sangat.. sape tak makan durian mmg rugi rugi rugi.. ;p

  13. LG,

    Thanks!!! :D I rasa if u try recipe ni, tak flop kot.. It's a foolproof recipe..I did it twice, [hehe tadik buat lagi ;p]

    eh kalau flop pun, makan aje.. kate durian..sedap aje.. ;p

  14. K Rima,

    Mmg gelabah nak ambik gambar time baru kuar oven.. set seme dah ready awal2, takut tak sempat hehe

  15. Zarin,

    Thank u.. recipe foolproof ni yg wat souffle i menjadik.. I ikut je sebijik2 hehe.. i jupe satu recipe je on Durian souffle..sib baik jadik.. alhamdulilah..

  16. K Muna,

    Where've u been? hihi

    Try it K Muna..sure jadik lah..insyaAllah.. :) air tgn k muna lagi power huhu

  17. RC
    Lambat komen cos lama I terpisat2 sebelah laptop mengkagumi your air tangan. Eeeshh... *sedut balik saliva*

  18. CS,

    lama I tak sebut word pisat tu hehe air tangan yg kadang2 jadik, kadang2 tak.. kalau jadik, riuh sekampung, kalau tak jadik, senyap2 masuk tong.. ;p

  19. Durian souffles? Haishhhh belum dpt makan durian lagi ni. Waiting for hubby to return, nak sebat together! hehe ;)

    That durian souffles popped so cute!

  20. menariknya...nampak sedap & gebu gitue... hehhe

  21. Alamak!

    Uncle dengan Durian sama dengan Superman dengan Kryptonite....


  22. Beautiful souffles. Your blog articles are so interesting. Thank you!