April 15, 2011

Tasty Thursday- Heaven Chocolate Tart

My husband has been bugging :p requesting me to make seri muka a.k.a putri salat for him since last couple of weeks. Finally, I got the mood to make some last night, but the result was very very disappointing. It was all smooth until I made one big mistake by skipping a crucial step, and it ruined everything. I really thought I would pass this kuih easily hmm..but NO..cis2x I carried the frustration to bed and vowed to whip something that would make me feel better tomorrow... Hence the chocolate tart.. :)  
The taste is  there despite the look =P Adam smashed the tart edges with a measuring cup before the photo-shooting session T_T
Anyway, I love simple dessert. To me, this chocolate tart is one of them. Nothing fancy about it, no decorative what so ever, yet it look indulgently comforting. At least to my eyes and taste buds. I was so afraid to make fancy dessert that would end up like those seri muka.. thus, making this tart was  a perfect choice to chase that frustration away.. ;D I used few recipes as guidelines and voila! A delicious, sweet and super chocolaty tart in an hour!  Super duper yummy.. Okay-all the praises are just to make me feel better..please excuse myself for ferasan angkat bakul today he he 
The taste is absolutely heaven [hence the name] and for those who're having bad days, this dessert is a sinful yet comforting cure. :D

Okay, here's my own version of choc tart recipe. Simple and quick. 

Heaven Chocolate Tart
Serving: 8 medium slices
Yield: One medium tart pan 

For the crust;
1 and 3/4 digestive biscuits
1/4 cup cocoa powder
4 tbsp confectionery sugar
5 tbsp melted butter

For the filling;
100g butter
100g dark chocolate 55% 
100 g white chocolate 
50g nuttela
1/4 of condensed milk tin
Any nuts, if you like.. I don't have any at the moment.. so I omit..ade kacang2 lagi sedap , more crunchy..

For the crust-Ground the digestive biscuit, together with cocoa powder and sugar in a food processor or 'dry' blender. Transfer the mixture into a bowl, and distribute the melted butter evenly and mix it up. Make sure it's well combined. Press it on the tart pan firmly. Bake at 120C for 10 minutes or until the crust harden.

For the filling-Mix all the filling ingredients in a pot and stir it under medium low heat until well combined. Chill for few minutes, and pour it on the crust. Store it in fridge until it's set. Enjoy!

Anyway, I'm sooo into Adele nowadays.. beside Casey Abrams of course hihi..enjoy her clip below..Someone like You..


  1. Wow, am going to try this! Tq for sharIng the recipe!!

  2. RC,

    I rasa kan, kalau I buat the chocolate tart tu, I akan menangis beberapa hari sebab it looks so sinful and I'll be tempted to eat.. huhuhu..

  3. Hi Elle,

    Give it a try, I hope u like it.. Use a tart pan with removable bottom or if you don't have,wait until the tart is hard enough in the fridge before you remove it from the pan...and dont forget to taste the filling before you pour it on the crust..u might want to adjust it according to ur palate ;D Just a tip or two for u..

  4. No way, ini 'camera biasa-biasa', je....

  5. sizuka,

    I makan sambil menangis tgk scale ;p

    I plan to give some to my nieces tomorrow..hopefully diorg suka and I left with a clean plate ;)

  6. Encik Gedek,

    Mmmg ini camera biasa2 je..;D percayalah..saya blom menyertai pasukan dslr.. :P hihi my husband je yg suka camera dslr, ng gadget sangkut sana sini, besar2..;p I still stick ng my camera biasa2, tp I pakai manual mode.. ;D adjust sana sini, mana patut.. hihi

  7. takuttttt!!! lariiii!!!

    rupanya sedap sgttt!!! aku taknak buat, sebab aku takde tart mould tu..kihkihkih :P

    tapi kalau balik mesia, ko buatkan ek?

  8. by the way, kulit baru eh.. hehehe.. aku suka color green blog ko ni..

  9. Lurpak,

    Boleh pakai spring form kek tu je.. hihi.. aku takde heavy cream, tu sbb buat filling simple je.. kalau ade cream, lagi seram nak makan hihi..

  10. eh lupa, lama dah tukar kulit hehe saje pilih green, bior nampak fresh skit..:D

  11. this is definitely comforting! nnti nak try.. insyaallah.. one fine day :)

  12. RC
    Tanda gigi kat tart tu sungguh keji, nak nangissshhh..

  13. MP June,

    try2x.. ;D lebih2 lagi bila red flag dtg..sesuai!!! ;p

  14. CS,

    hehe..jgn main2x..tu gigi kapak I tu.. ;p nah tisu cik som..jgn nagis2x k..hahaha ;p

  15. Rc,
    The tart looks so tempting! The photos look amazing! I thought you were using DSLR, you know. :)

    On the tart's crust.. is it 1 and 3/4 packets of digestive biscuits? If so, how many grams/packet? (mula berangan nak buat ni :D)

    And thanks for dropping by in my blog :)

  16. Yep Adele.. my fav too! i got her up and running in my mixpod for a while now hehhe.. and oppss chocolate tart memang mengobat hati yg duka hehe

  17. Hi Patin,

    welcome aboard..hihi

    1 and 3/4 cup heehe..sorry, nanti I edit balik.. dalam separuh digestive packet je..or 3/4 camtu..ade belen and tgh berkira2 nak wat tart lagik hihi

    i mmg tak pakai dslr tp I pakai camera pen..cuma i tukar lense to 35mm lense..sesuai sket amik gambar food or potrait kan2.. and ringan nak bawak kemana2.. tu my point of view lah..of course amik gambar ng dslr lagi cantik2..;D

  18. K Rima,

    I dah hook ng Adele, makan minum masak seme ngan Adele hihi

    blame the PMS.. seme yg chocolaty and super manis mmg pengubat PMS ;p

  19. Assalam RC,
    cantik kejadian chocolate tart ni..
    rasa nak gigit aje sekeping..yes i agree nice colour background really refreshing..

  20. this.. ai laike..
    tak ada masuk2 oven..

    ai kopipes ! .. :)

  21. Thank u K Ayu hihi.. :D buat la, nanti leh gigit berkeping2 ;p

  22. Dr. Singa,

    crust tu kena masuk oven kejap, lam 10mins gitu.. klu tanak, u masuk lam frigde sapai keras kejung ;p

  23. Is condensed milk sweetened?
    Is the weight of a can 390 grams/14 oz.?
    What is the size of your tart pan?

  24. Is condensed milk sweetened or unsweetened?
    Is the weight of condensed milk 14 oz./390 grams?

    What is the size of your tart pan?