April 5, 2011

Sunday- Lacy Pancake a.k.a Roti Jala

Roti Jala is a Malay word which literally translated as "Net Bread". Lacy Pancake sounds more elegant tho ;) I made this for makan-makan session at my sister in law place yesterday and I believed I made too many Roti Jala sapai tak habis makan T_T huhu [we also ordered a large batches of BBQ Chicken, and that's part of the reason why people weren't attacking my dish ;p]
Despite matching it with creamy chicken curry, I replaced it with extra creamy beef and potato curry instead. My waistline kembang kejap semalam sbb creamy sgt plak curry tu hehe  owh, I forgot to snap the curry picture. 
Anyway, I believe most of you know how to make this Roti Jala kan.. I used the recipe below, and made some adjustment since the batter is kindda too thick for my lattice mold. Whenever I used the mold, the first few rounds would always ended up with disaster. Instead of flowing out smoothly from the mold, the batter chose to drip and I have thousands of dot on my pan..sigh 
I have to adjust the batter then until I get the right consistency for the batter to flow down smoothly.  [Tips: Just add a lil more oil(if it's a thick natter) or flour (if it's a thin batter) and try again] Owh I am so an amateur cook..hehe
{Recipe taken from RasaMalaysia}
Yield: 20 pieces
serving: 4 person


1 3/4 cup all purpose flour (1/2 lb) 
1 1/2 cup low fat milk 
1/2 cup water 
1 egg 
1/2 teaspoon salt 
3/4 teaspoon turmeric powder 
1/2 tablespoon oil Ghee or butter (to grease the pan)

  1. Sieve the flour and set aside.
  2. In a big bowl, mix all the ingredients well together (except the oil) and strain the batter.[I  used a blender to get a smooth batter] 
  3. Add in 1/2 tablespoon of oil and set aside. 
  4. Heat up a pan with medium heat and grease it with some butter or ghee. 
  5. Pour some batter into the mold and transfer the mold to the pan. 
  6. As the batter flows through the holes of the mold, make circular rounds around the pan to form the netty patterns. 
  7. After the top is set and done or when the bottom turns light brown, transfer the Roti Jala out and fold it into triangle shape. [ I choose to roll like a spring roll] 
  8. Arrange a few Roti Jala on a serving plate and add some curry chicken/beef chicken/durian sauce/maple syrup+butter on the side and serve immediately.


  1. RC,

    That's one hot looking roti jala! I'm too lazy to make roti jala, selalunya, I'll end up with pancake like roti jala.. hehe.. nasib baik ler my kids makan je semua :D

  2. RC,

    Menggodas-lah your roti jala! Did you know that roti jala in Perak is called, roti kirai? Hehehe...teringat citer Bujang Lapok!

  3. sizuka,

    pancake rupa roti jala? ce amik gambar letak lam blog skit..curious nk tgk..hihi family mmg our first food supporter..klu tak sape lg kn ;)

  4. k lili,

    kat singapore pun panggil roti kirai..i org melaka sesat kt sg je panggil roti jala hihi

  5. pe'jah,

    banyak sungguh bahan roti jala ko ni.. tapi rasa mesti lagi sedap kann... Aku punye roti jala pakai tepung, telur and air je, version malas, hehehehe

  6. RC, very nice blog...keep up the good work!

  7. Mim,

    aku pun slalu buat versi malas nyer hehe tepung, air kunyit..lg malas..tp sebab nak bwk gi umh in law, so try lah recipe nih..okay la..ranggup sket and tak cepat lembik..

  8. Eureblog,

    Thanks for dropping by..keep on visiting the blog ya ! ;p and the comment too ya! ;p

  9. tergoda tgk roti jala R&C.. hehe, nyumm2 cicah gan kari ayam..

  10. Love to mkn roti jala kirai :)..but tak love dpt spa wajah percuma ngan kuali leper..

    beautiful pics!

  11. Nice looking roti kirai.. tu napoleon cake sungguh mengoda jiwa dan raga ku.. macam nak terbuat gitu :o)

  12. Mamma Olyn,

    Try la buat.. mmg match ng kari yg creamy2 je hehe..chick or beef.. dgn serawa durian, i kureng sket hehe

  13. K yat,

    tang spa percume tu mmg taleh tolong lah..hehe klu buat roti kirai ni kat kampung mak I lagi panas sbb kuali n dapur panas.. jgn la buat time tghhari hehe pitam nanti..

  14. K Rima,

    Napoleon cake tu mmg wajib buat.. sgt sgt sedap! hihi yet simple to make..

  15. RC
    At 3.21am baru ada masa mengomen. Tengahari tadi I ngap roti jala (nih you punya pasallah nih, kan I dah ngidam??). I ate it with bubur kacang durian, boleh gitu?

    My recipe for roti jala is also simple and all the while mmg I panggil roti jala but never roti kirai as roti kirai is suitable for roti canai. Wallahualam..

  16. CS,

    lambatnyer tido..hihi blogwalking pagi2 gitu mmg sesuai.. hehe

    roti jala ni makan ngan ape pun sedap..dah nama buat dr tepung hehe