April 12, 2011

Tuesday- Char Kuay Teow wrapped with Eggnet

I love to watch cooking shows. They give me inspiration and ideas on how to vary my kitchen menu. Besides, I get to experiment with ingredients I'm not familiar with [or haven't touch] before i.e. passion fruits, vanilla beans, corned beef, watercress, just to name  a few. Do you guys came across with watercress before? I didn't know they exist! But I bought some last week and made 'masak bening' with it, boleh? hehe 

Recently, we subscribed ourself a TV cable and there's 4 food & lifestyle channels inside. Hurray! AFC, Food Network,TLC and BBCLifestyle-my favs. For the time being, I'm hooked to BBCLife channel, where re-runs of Masterchef Australia are shown daily. I love Masterchef shows, be it USA,  Australia, or the coming Malaysian one hihi. There are few cooking skills you can pick up while watching it.
Okay, let's talk about the char kuay teow  now. How I came across with this recipe? In MasterChef Australia, it's known that each contestant who won the challenge will enter a cook off dual with a well known top Australian chef in Celeb Chef Challenge. If the contestant win,he/she will place him/herself on the last top 3 spot. On one of the challenge, Brent dual with Chef Martin Boetz on the chef's recipe of Egg Net with pork, prawn, beansprouts and cucumber relish. I was stunned on the egg net lacy texture and vowed to try it myself. See it for yourself here
Then, I stumbled on Almost Bourdain's Char Kuay Teow with Eggnet. I love char kuay teow, and why not give this recipe a try since I was really lured into the eggnet.

To cut a long story short, I made this dish yesterday and my eggnet turned more into a fish net rather than an elegant lace hehe It needs practice, practice and lots of practice to get into that Chef's lacy eggnet level. I'm happy with my fish net for time being hehe And the Char Kuay Teow was absolute delish! I betrayed mr. Diet and had a double plate. Husband had it thrice.. ;P

Char Kuay Teow wrapped with Eggnet 
{Loosely adapted from Almost Bourdain}
Serving: 4

Part A (basic ingredients):
400 g fresh kway teow (flat rice noodles)
1 stalk chinese chives (kucai), cut into inch-long strips
2 eggs, lightly beaten
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 handful beansprouts (more, if you like)

Part B (add-on ingredients):
1/2 chicken breast, chopped
Fish cake, cut into thin slices and fried
Tauhu, cut into thin slices and fried

Part C (for the seasoning sauce):
2 tbsp thick sweet soy sauce
3 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp water
dash of salt and pepper (if required)
Mix all your everything in a bowl and leave aside.

Part D (Eggnet):
2 eggs, lightly beaten and sieved

To Make Eggnet: 
Grease the frying pan with oil. Use a roti jala mould or simply use your hand to drizzle the egg on the frying pan to create the eggnet pattern. Turn once.Remove and spread the eggnet in a bowl.

To make Char Kuay Teow:

  1. Heat oil in wok on high. You have to maintain high heat throughout.
  2. Stir-fry garlic a few seconds.
  3. Toss in chicken meat, and stir-fry till semi-cooked.
  4. Add noodles , drizzle 3 to 4 tbsp of the seasoning sauce soy sauce mixture/ all over the noodles. Gently stir-fry for 3-5 mins.
  5. Add kucai and bean sprouts, fold the noodles over, give it one good last stir-fry to mix well with the noodles.Add in fish cake and tauhu slices. 
  6. Turn off heat, dish onto individual bowls layered with eggnet. Turn over the bowl and gently pour the noodles and eggnet onto a serving plate, garnish with spring onions and chopped fresh chilies.
Note: I used Ellie recipe as guideline,but you can visit her blog for the original recipe.


  1. RC,

    I love AFC too! Tapikan, since kita org sekarang dah subscribe to unifi, I dah terminated Astro service sebab rasa redundant la pulak. Cuma iptv unifi takde AFC, sedih sungguh.

    The char kuey teow dalam eggnet tu looks so pretty. Kalau guna acuan roti jalan to menjala the eggnet pun sure cun. and maybe instead of buat lacy mcm tu, use chocolate to make patterns for the telur dadar, just like ur kuih ketayap yg jelita tu :D

  2. wahhh! menggoda lah char kuew teow dlm eggnet tu.. something different kan!

  3. watercress tu kalau buh dalam sandwich and salad pun best.. for sandwich, go for egg mayo and watercress sandwich.. sedappp!!!

  4. Sizuka,

    I taktau pun unifi tu exist hihi.. nape switch eh? lagi bagus dari astro eh?

    thx for the idea nway ;)

  5. Zarin,

    kan, kan.. instead of buat telur dadar, buat egg net ni.. so 2 biji telur, leh dapat lam 4 egg net.. cun sket kat atas plate hehe

  6. Lurpak,

    oh, sedap eh? nanti aku try wat sandich egg mayo taruk watercress.. aku suka lah sayur tuh :)

  7. gambar kuali pun jadik cantikk..

    ( saya tengok gambar je.. tak baca pun resepi tu.. sebab saya tak suka memasak... heh heh hehh..)
    boleh ..? :)

  8. boleh tuan doktor hehe cukup lighting cantik aa kuali tu..klu tak, karaaattt..hehe

    tak suka masak tape, kedai banyak..kita pun takde la masak hari2..kdg2 ke kedai jua ;p br leh compare food org ng food kita..;D

  9. Unique! Loved that egg net..cool! Thanks for sharing :)

    Can I have a plate of CKT with eggnet please? ^___^