April 27, 2012

Pavlova Cupcakes

Thirty-four. That's not my age. It's the Celsius, outside. And I'm sweating like a *tuut* while typing this. argh..I hate sweaty armpits.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Along with backache and a headache. To make matter worse, I was late for Adam's so called school. He was crying as I rushed here and there, prepping him for school. He didn't want to go to school, I figured he woke up on the wrong side of the bed too. Finally, we got out of the house and while walking toward the school, I realized I forgot to change my pant. Too late. I was wearing a colorful heart patterns pant. Great.

Anyway, I got home and had my breakfast with Ellen (yes, the one on TV), took a couple of aspirins, had my shower, and then I  thought of making a Pavlova. Why not? I need to straighten my day back. Cewah. Since  Husband is miles away, that explains the hectic morning, I decided to make a cupcake version of Pavlova. The recipe is based on Nigella's. Sorry, no recipe card today.
It started in Mad Jack Cafe. We had a lunch there, and we ordered Pavlova as a dessert. It was our first Pavlova. I always intimidated to try this overly sweet dessert for the obvious reason. I didn't know what made me order one that day. But it proved me wrong. I took a bite and I was sold. It wasn't that sweet, the cream and fruits toned it down to my 'acceptance' level. I absolutely love it. That was my first,and only Pavlova and since then, I was craving for it. I decided to bake it myself, but being a bit of procrastinator myself, I keep on delaying it until today. Husband  always tell me that "later means never".
Back to my pavlova. As you know, Pavlova is supposed to be white, unless you put something inside. I didn't put anything in mine, but as you can see, my pavlovas are brown. I know who the culprit was-ME. 

You see, I've got to pick Adam at 12, so I figured I bake the pavlova at 10, and by 11, it should have been ready. Wrong. Came 11, the meringue was still soft, and I thought it would be okay to increase the temperature. Wrong again. It did make the outer part dry, but at the same time, it turned brown. This is what I read on the net, when your oven is too hot, the sugar inside the meringue will caramelized and that makes it brown. That's what happened to me. 

Other than that, everything is fine. The inside is still squishy mushy. Once cooled, I immediately take one cup and ngap! Heaven! It made my day, even though it's brown in color :P BTW, did you notice my cute teacup mould? he he 

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. for me, the brown makes it look more interesting..

  2. brown itu menawan.:-) tapi sweaty armpit sanagt fail!

  3. Sorry to say this.... I first noticed your cute miut teacup mould...then your gorgeous photos ... then Pavlova ;)
    I oso cannot tahan anything overly sweet...tu yg malas nak buat pavlova but kids Love them to bits...
    Going out with 'colourful' pants happened all the time to me...and sometimes t-shirt yg koyak rabak...Ah-Soh habis ;P

  4. I'll make choc pavlova next time. lagi cantik kan.

  5. He he I thought so. Lama I cari that mould tau ;p 

    Tell me about it.. Once you have kids, automatic jadik ah soh..he he 

    I suka lah pavlova.. suka sgt2. ha ha that whipped cream, I tak taruk gula, mmg tak manis sgt lah. 

  6. RCHow can I not noticed that cute teacup mould? Beli katne??
    Tiak sweaty tu biasa..yg membezakannya samada harumkah atau 'toot' kah? hehe..

  7. CS,

    I beli kt satu kedai gift kt sini.. berkenan? boleh order..mana tahu nk buat tea party ng TB ke..hehe 

    eh I pki ubat tiak tau ha ha

  8. Hey! I've got the same exact teacup mould too. Tapi I punya still tersimpan in storage, tak tau bila nak guna, hehehe.
    I like brown colour so I think I will like your pav too :-).

  9. Hi RC....
    ur Pavlova so kiut miut...dan for sure sedap tu! We all sgt suka makan pavlova especially my Mr E la...btw, ur mould tu cantik la....mmm, bila kat mana ya?

  10. Kak Min, 

    I pun dah beli lama, duk teperuk lam gobok he he I'm making a chocolate pavlova now.. I think I like it more than plain.

  11. thank asilahila. I beli kat kedai je he he you ade blog ke tak? I takde access to ur blog.

  12. wah, cantiknya...saayng nak makan...

  13. this looks like a fantastic cakes..I am sure this is very delicious
    Tasty Appetite

  14. i so envy ur teacup and cutleries! so nice.

  15. RC,
    this is my blog...http://blog-3e.blogspot.com/


  16. Kak RC, cantik kalau buat versi kecik2 ginikan.. hari tu Cikwan buat yang besar..manis sangat2..

    psstt..Kak RC, macam mana nak tukar nama kalau nak tinggal komen..ummihalimah47 tu sebenarnya add email. blog cikwan. dapurcikwan.blogspot.com.

  17. Hi U..ohhh how i wish i can cook and bake like you...love reading your blog dear 

  18. Looks awesome! I would so love to try some. It just looks so delicious.