April 2, 2012

Clam Chowder

Husband and I woke up at 2++ am this morning. It is a habit of him, waking up early, yerp as early as that, if he had to catch an early flight the next morning. He went to the airport at 5, and I went back to my bed, trying to catch some sleeps before the little guy wakes up. Failed. Minutes later, the little guy woke up, asking for a milk and his daddy. After pujuk and patted him, he went back to sleep.... and I couldn't bring myself to sleep after that. It was raining cats and dogs though... T_T

The soup. The soup was inspired from one of the local restaurant we've visited often. I simply adore their seafood chowder and it becoming a must have item every time we dined in. Instead of making a seafood chowder, I opted for clams. I used a recipe from I am a food blog which has lots of vege chunks apart from the clams itself. The recipe is simple and within an hour, a bowl of creamy, thick soup was served. We ate this with hard rolls, made by my husband. ;) and the breadmaker..hihi 

Best of all, the soup is really flavorful. The clam taste is mild, which is great for Adam and his dad. Both of them are not that adventurous when it comes to seafood. There are carrots, celery, potato, and onions inside and their flavors are well composed. Husband had 3 bowls, including one he had before he flew, and Adam had one big bowl for dinner. I, on the other hand, only had a small bowl since I was too content.

On a side note, those photos were captured with a new tripod Husband got me. It was a lot easier to handle compared to previous one. TQ dear for the surprise! :) 

Well, I'm super duper sleepy now :P. Please bare with my vocabs and inept grammars. Good night blogger-land! 

Psst..I forgot to snap the clam pics. My bad.


  1. love the first picture, kak RC..the chowder, the pristine white bowl.

  2. Thanks cahya.. I love the bowl too.. hee

  3. huih... sedap sungguh... sesangat rajin mengedit yer kaka RC kita ni... makanan terus jadi menarik sgt.. waweee...