April 19, 2012

Blueberry & Coconut Pudding

We went to KL a few weeks back. Just a short trip to settle few errands there. This trip was different from previous trips. This time, we decided to take a coach instead of driving. I'm glad we did that. That was Adam first long hour bus trip and he enjoyed himself most of the time. We loved it too, and we might do it again in the future. :) We also decided to stay in hotel instead at our place. It was more like a short escapade than our normal KL trips. We usually went there for Adam's check up and to check the house.
After three days in KL, we got home and found the whole house electrics tripped. I went straight to the kitchen, opened the fridge door, and there, the whole freezer staples were gone. *Gulp*. There were frozen paratha, homemade puff pastry, meatballs, dumplings, fish fillet, bla bla bla inside..all sticky and wet. T_T According to my FIL, there was a bad thunderstorm a day earlier and it likely caused the power trip. The smell was quite bad and I had to throw everything out. Mr.Bin was so kenyang lah that day
On a sunny note, I've finally converted my MY driving license to SG's. Yerp, after three years settling here. Yippee! Anyone needs a ride? :P
As for the pudding, I loved it! Anything with coconut is a winner! :) Ate half of the dish already :P 


  1. I am making this...sooooooooo yummmy...awesome presentation
    Tasty Appetite

  2. I remember that I saw one picture of Adam and his Daddy on your fb. So they were in the coach. Sometimes it's good to take coach and you don't need to drive all the way. :)

    Stunning pictures, as always. And delectable too :)

  3. RC,

    I thought the page scrolled by itself when the photo magically changed hehehez.  Terkejut kejapssss :pp  Luvly photos....droolllinnnggg!!!

  4. yummyy!!!!!!!! mesti bau wangi je sbb ada coconut.
    owh noo.. all the food ruined! last time me went for a trip, my hasben swith off the main electricity. nasib baik we were less that half an hour fr home when i realized that. kalau x sure satu umah smell bad dgn makanan2 dlm peti yg rosak.

  5. Tun, yup.. It smells great! Definitely buat lagi..

    Tulah.. Before this x pernah jadi. Lesson learnt: empty your fridge if you plan to go for long trip (?).

  6. Anie,

    My first time using a gif image. I love it! Tp skali tgk, my page dah macam myspace hehe

  7. Ijan,

    We used to commute KL-SG every weekeend before Adam was born. It sort of walking down the memory lane gitu.

  8. RC,
    Adam wat checkup kat pcmc ker? If yer.. maybe lah kot kiter pernah bertembung ehh? Huhu..

    Blueberry & coconut pudding nie sungguh la memanggil makan tim2 duk sakit gigi nieh.. :(

  9. MM, 

    Yup..tapi check up dia once a year je skang.. dah xde excuse nak balik KL slalu..he he 

    sakit gigi? kumur air garam k. :)

  10. omg that just looks so so nice. i am def bookmarking this one. such gorgeous pictures