September 16, 2011

Raya Cookies II: Nutty Meringue

These airy crunchy cookies are one of my favorite. A tad on the sweet side to be sure, so next time I won't add as much powdered sugar as stated in the recipe... and as I said previously, I'd returned the recipe book before I could pen down the recipe, so no recipe for this one, for now.  

Adam, on the other hand, loves it so much. The repeatable acts of munching and chomping would not stop until I hid the jar from him. What's up with kids and sugar eh? isk

Made with beaten egg whites, I believed these are "RAYA COOKIE OF THE YEAR", apart from the infamous macarons. They seem to be on every table at every house we visited. Well, macarons are expensive to be baked/bought, so people turned to these meringues instead =P With lots of variations, studded with pecan, walnut, raisins, anything under the sky, my favorite would be the one with dark choc chips. They toned down the sweet flavor well. Love it! :) Note to self 2: Meringue and macaron are best flavored with chocolate/anything with bitter flavor. 

Oh btw, high five if you made/bought these cookies for raya too *high five* =P


  1. Hehe i made this too..
    Campur crunch cornflakes choc almond strip ngan raisin..
    Tp abes mkn suami isteri je..kehkeh..

  2. nice picture babe!
    Bila tengok meringue teringat dulu hasya loves meringue very much tapi now dah tk suka sebab ada one time tu dia mkn byk sgt sampai kena tummy pain.. dengar nama meringue pun dia dah jerit takmo makan hiks

  3. I so love your teapot? watering can? Love that photo.
    Thank you for dropping by *kitchen*...
    Salam berkenalan :D

  4. Something that I want most on this meringue is the gooey feeling of the nutty features. I will love it.

  5. shantiknya gambar.. Sesuatu :)
    wish i could just grab the meringue from here :p

  6. Those look wonderful! I love that nutty addition.

    Lovely click.



  7. i bukan saja cuka the cookies but the pic as well.. cantik!

  8. ayo....nak resepi, my kids also like to chew on meringues.

  9. I'll try to find and borrow that book again.. or else you have to look the recipe elsewhere.. he he