May 11, 2011

Tuesday- Roasted Black Pepper Chicken with Plum Sauce {Edited}

It has become a routine of ours to spent some time in the library once in every week or two. Husband would always browse items from management, career-related and photography sections while Adam browse his on kiddy sections. Sometimes he likes to 'arrange' the book too..bersepah-sepah..In order to avoid that, one of us would pick few books, find a place, sit and read to him- and that's would give some ample time for each of us to browse whatever we like on the shelves. 
As for me, most of my borrowed items, so far, are from the cooking books shelves.  I'm a sucker for pretty cookbooks, especially if it has appetizing pictures with minimal clear instruction...To me, a good cookbook MUST have pictures for every recipe written inside, unless it's a renowned old cookbook like Julia Child's.  A step by step pictures are bonus, but not necessary.

I borrowed Gordon Ramsay's and Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts this week, and today menu was inspired from Ramsay's roasted duck with plum sauce. I've bookmarked another 4 recipes and can't wait to try it! 
Anyway, happy Mother's day to all mom out there.. I bought this lilies for myself..he gift from si dia tu.. ;p okay pe celebrate sorang2x.. ;p


  1. RC,

    Ur roasted chicken looks so yummy!rasanya kalau gordon ramsey tengok, dia pun sure meleleh air liur.. hehe. as for us, this month is not meat month, so it's seafood, seafood and seafood.. *sigh*..

  2. RC

    That's a fantastically sexay lokking chic! hehehe..tadi ai makan chicken gak for lunch..ishhh sooo kering!! gimme this one anytime, esp the thight part!! :)

  3. Assalamualaikum...

    To be honest i am not a good cook at all. So every time i wanted to buy a cook book i will always get the book with pictures so in the end i do know how the food should look like.

    Kalau belek2 buku dan gambar tak ada untuk setiap satu mesti turn off terus nak beli... Anyway, gambar kat atas tu buat buat org mengidam terus. huhu..

  4. Hey that is one 'handsome' looking chicken!

    Babe, how have you been? Miss you and the rest of the gang. Pray that I'll be back again. hehe ;)

  5. Sizuka,

    wah2x..u themed your menu..??bestnyer..I nak follow jugaklah.. hihi

  6. K Yat,

    According to Bro ramsay..hihi.. kalau nak roast kena pakai api slow and lama..baru juicy muicy..;p tp kan, klu makan kat luar, mmg most chicken i;ve ate seme kering.. kecuali nasik ayam banquet AMK hehe siap promote free..

  7. Wslm Messy Mom.. cute ID.. ;)

    indeed..recipe book must come with pictures and black and white photos are unacceptable.. hi hi.. seriously, black and white cookbooks exist tau.. duuh.. mengidam? jeng jeng jeng..

    anyway, welcome to my blog..:)

  8. K Liliiiiiiiiku... hi hi

    Miss u lah..cepat2 lah balik blogging.. Dah tak byk blog best yg I boleh baca least letak gambar food lah..leh I drool over he he

  9. Happy Mother's day

    The chic look fantastic.
    Tapi buat nye lagik sedap...amacam??? Kak nam ke tak? lol

    x x x MP

  10. Salam RC,
    Thanks very much for your comments kat blogresipi. Cantik nye blog RC ni..gambar2 pun sangat menarik. I was looking and keep looking at the chicken. Fuh, showed it to my husband too. of course lah dia terliur kan. hihihi....

    About ur question, i'm a big fan of Aran's. Her blog is Very refreshing and inspiring :)

    Cara amik gambar, insyaAllah nanti kalau ada kesempatan saya buatkan entri kat blogresipi ek. Tak ada lah cara yg special pun cuma amik gambar dekat tingkap aje.hehe... :)

    I was reading about ur wonderful Adam too. Reminded me so much of my nephew also Adam. Love the dinosor cake, argghhhhh arghhh.hihihih :)


  11. RC
    You said you miss me? But I was here siap makan your opera kek lagi. Tapi takperlah kalau you masih gak rindu kat I, I'm touched :-)

    I cant go to Sporelaah, paspot dah lama mati youu..

  12. Mak Piah,

    K Nam sungguh ;p

    Thanks for the wish ;)

  13. Ijan,

    yeay! Thanks singgah balik and for the good words too;)

    I can't wait for the foodography post!! :D

    ayam tu lebih kurang cam ayam kenny rogers u je ;p hi hi

  14. CS,

    nak idup passport skang 1 hari je.. he he opera kek I still ade lam freezer..tah bila kurun nak abis.. he he I still simpan tuk u case u datang melawat lagik ;p

  15. RC turned goblok maka my komen yg dibuat a few days ago dah hilangggg..... :-(