November 11, 2010

Thursday- Hainanese Chicken Rice

We have this for dinner. I always love Banquet's Chicken Rice. For my taste buds, it's the best chicken rice I've ever tasted so far! The tender and juicy chickens with fragrant-ginger and garlicky rice. Yummeh! 

{but I believed the downfall of this dish is the chicken broth/soup, it's just a plain soup with no cilantro, fried shallots, spring onions, plain..and that's why some ppl prefer "Malay-version" chicken rice}

I've been trying to 'copy' the same taste for months, and always ended up with 'almost-near' taste.I believed the main ingredient for the rice is still missing.. They must be using some kind of ghee/butter to make the rice so so fragrant and so so yummy.. hehe I tried to add butter {all brand from SCS, Buttercup, Lurpak} previously, but maybe I should replace it with ghee. Hmm.. {BTW, QBB Ghee is halal again! :D}

Nevertheless, will try to make this chicken rice again and again. 
Okay, from now on, apart from posting some 'what-I-eat' today, I will put some update on my diet also. The diet resolution is simple, according to to Dr. Ping, just avoid rice, eat side dishes only, and avoid sugar! Sounds simple kan, and up until this hour, I still can stick my nose to this new resolution. I don't know how tomorrow gonna serves me..Will I break the rules?



  1. a'ah betol tu Pe'jah. Aunty Notts kata anak dia avoid makan nasi for 8 months kot, ilang 20kg.. ganas takk?

  2. 8 bulan=20 kg..kira lam 2.5 kg sebulan.. oklah tu eh.. ok ok lagi semangat x nak makan nasik.. enemy no 1 ;p

  3. so lurpak and ribbon, sila jangan makan nasi (aku tak apa, sebab dah tua, hehehehhe sila drool now!).

    now aliaa dah turun 55kg (1 year). dia cuma makan nasi dua sudu je. adik dia dah turun 55 jugak in a year.