November 8, 2010

Sunday Durian Mousse Cake

I saw this cake at Bakericious Blog last week and quickly added it my 'cake-to-do' wishlist. Since there still 2 boxes of durian left from last weekend baking project [read: Durian Cream Puffs], I decided to turn those durians into cake. :)

I simply bought a ready-made chiffon cake to make my job easier hehe and did the durian mousse myself. You can get the recipe from Bakericious Blog

Ok..Adam is really into my keyboard now.. I can't type properly..Ciao..


  1. Hi Ribbon Clown, thanks for trying out the recipe and hopes you like the cake as much as I did :)

  2. durian with chocolate top! wallaaaa

  3. This is really nice! Your frosting is very well done! I envy.

  4. Jess, TQ again for the recipe ;)

    Dr. Notty, semi-sweet choc curls tu just nice tuk 'tame' kan rasa durian yg over tuh hehe

    Shirley, thanks.. actually u can still see the custard lumps on the frosting hehe

  5. u must be a pro in baking and photography too. the food looks good. i am bad at both.

  6. Ummi..haha Big No-No..I'm not that good in both.. with lots of try and error and a pinch of luck!