Sophie Dahl's Banana Bread

Friday, April 06, 2012

I read so much reviews about how good the combo of banana bread and passion fruit icing before. It brought me to bookmark one recipe which I totally forgot about it afterward. As usual hee. And yesterday, I saw a box of passion fruit whilst I was doing my groceries. It quickly reminds me of the recipe. 

There's she. Isn't she lovely. Ahem, I'm talking about the book.

I wanted to try a new banana cake recipe, but those steps made me not to. I need to separate an egg, then the egg whites need to be beaten up til soft peak bla bla bla. I know the recipe will produce a good fluffy, soft cake, rather than a quick bread which a bit dense in texture. But nah, too many steps. I need a quick one so I can join Adam's main main. That's why I always stick to Ms. Dahl's Banana Bread recipe. It easy, quick and produced the same taste as bakery-bought's (for me). 
I never iced any of my banana breads before. I usually eat it plain. You can always experiment with other types of icing if you want to. (Or if you're adventurous enough to risk your cake for Mr. Bin consumption). Other icing that would go nicely with this cake are cream cheese or vanilla icing (FG). 

Poor thing, the icing is not thick enough. It's more like a syrup. I followed everything religiously and this? Isk. It looks more like sticky date pudding now, which is pretty (for me eyes :P). I love the passion fruit icing turned syrup. I bet the 'real icing' would tastes nicer. I'm going to try and make this icing again, but obviously with a different recipe. Any recommended recipe? 

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12 clowns replied

  1. I'm astonished by your pictures, they're beautiful !! Well done =)

  2. Wow! Amat menggiurkan... Sedapnya...Terasa air liur cam nak meleleh di celah bibir jer..

  3. kak RC, anything that involves banana looks yummy to me ^^ hihi... xpernah lg try passionfruit icing b4. passionfruit pon x pernah mkn.. tsk tsk...

  4. RC,

    Everytime I read your post,I sigh...drooling....

    By the way gorgeous pic as always..I seriously think you should come up with a book,I will definitely buy it!!

  5. I really love your pictures.... And the cake, You make me want to buy this kind of cake mould. Hehehe.. So cantik :)

  6. Hi, wow! Sekali lagi, WOW! I sure love this cake!
    Masuk mulut satu spoon, lupa nama mak, ha ha.
    You ada black belt in baking, ya?
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  7. haha.. thanks Uncle Lee.. no black belt, just black wok ;p

  8. Thanks Ijan..tapi kita nye bukan nordic ware he he 

  9. Ah..malunyer..most recipe I CNP.. he he 

  10. Tun, I boleh postkan kat Bintulu kalau u nak try passionfruit.. ;)

  11. Hiks.. passionfruit tu yg buat banana bread ni rasa lain..try lah k nadz