July 22, 2012

Down the memory lane: Happy Birthday Adam!

Finally, I got some time to sit down and update! :P 
And here's to Adam. Happy Birthday! :)
20th of July 2009-The day he was born. That's his birth video, and yes, through C-sect. 
His first hour of life. 
Day 3: We were still in hospital, learning how to BF, bathing, massaging him and whatnot.
First mommy-son moment...
Day 4
First day at home.
First jap, followed by his first fever.. huhu
In his crib.
OTW to nursery...
First jeans!
Our Second anniversary dinner.. Adam @ 2 months +
First phewit :P
At 3 months old. 
His first flip!
Followed with proud smile :P
Aqiqah day@5 months
Rocking Elmo.. he he @6 month.. we finally moved to SG for good. 
Hello! :D
@7 months old
His curly hair started to grow.
Our first so called picnic.
First haircut! 
First shoes..fancy..I know :P @13 months..
First cry shot!
First attempt!
His Darth Vader moment :P
Rise and shine ppl!
Dinosaur cake 
Second Raya! He was 3 months old when he had his first raya.. x count he he 
Third Raya! ha ha baju recycled!
First fireworks!
My fav shot! :)
His first bike!
First MRT ride! :p
The hair.
Korea-First oversea trip.
New iPad!
Peeping Adam
First badminton session!
First fall!

Favorite ride @zoo
Terrer sket :P
Sharp bend..
Port Dickson
Third birthday! :D 
Birthday Donuts 'cake' for his friends at playschool. KrispyKreme copycat donuts from here
 Chocolate cake with Peanut butter Frosting for his birthday party at home :) Recipe from K.Rima's. I'll upload better pic of the cakes soon..

To Adam, you are the apple of our eye and our biggest bundle of happiness. Your existence has given my life a meaning and a purpose-you're the reason I get out of the bed everyday! You make us so happy and proud with every single things you do. May you have a great year and glorious life ahead. We love you, Adam. Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy bday Adam.. ty for sharing all the wonderful pics and moments mummy!

  2. Happy birthday Adam..had fun looking at all the pix, kak RC :)

  3. happy birthday adam! t-shirt adam dlm gambar with caption "Cak" tu, yaya pun ada, hehehe, :p

  4. happy birthday Adam. Be blessed, nak.
    x MP.

    MP nak nak kek dinosour gak lah.

  5. he he aku pernah tgk yaya pakai dalam blog ko :P

  6. These pics are so precious and thanks for sharing them with us, It brought a smile to my face...Adam is so adorable and his curled hair, wow! Wish him a Happiest Birthday and keep rocking!

  7. happy bday adam....i had all this shots during khadijah, now wt hajar and muhammad...oh thank god for isntagram, if not tak dak gambarq dah!love all your shots!