June 27, 2012

50 Shades of Grey's Breakfast Set

Fifty Shades of Grey, a book that needs no introduction. Yes, this is THE book everyone is talking about. Most female I know are currently putting their nose into it. And so do I. Hihi 

I first heard about it from Ellen a couple of months ago.. The clip below made me ROTF hard followed by a huge curiosity on all the hype surrounding this book. An erotic novel? I passed. I'm not going to spent my $ on some steamy provoking paperback... But not until DrLurpak mentioned it again last week. Intrigued by her so called 'recommendation', I bought a copy, a $5 e-book, and I was immediately hooked.

Do not eat the pancakes!

The book is popularly dubbed as Mommyporn. A novel, targeted for matured readers, is about a young girl named Anatasia Rose Steele, who is seduced by insanely hot, sexy, handsome, young, multi billionaire CEO, Christian Grey. The whole story is kind of plain and straight forward-err..except for the 18SX part..But what I like the most about this book is the way the author wrote it-simple, tasteful, and witty (the way Ana talked to her 'subconscious.. and the flirtatious emails between Ana & Christian..;)). It's a page-turner and an "eye-opener" *rolling eyes*-->spank! 

The book is not perfect though. The repetition of certain words and phrase like flush & blush, frown, "stop biting you lip", "Icarus flying too close to the sun?", gray eyes,gray eyes, gray eyes and the same old arguments between Ana and Christian, make me yawned somehow. And some of its erotic scenes made me cringed. It was too disturbing and unbearable..ouch.. Red flag means NO!..But my interest in Christian-perfect-handsome-super rich-sexy-Grey and how he ended up as a sadist made me keep the reading on.

The movie deal had been secured by Universal Pictures and whoever they cast as Christian Grey better be mind-blowing hot. Ian Somerhalder is not a bad choice, but I'll keep my finger crossed for Matt Bomer of "White Collar". He's a gay btw..what a waste..

Well, I'm on the last book of the Fifty Shades trilogy now-I finished the whole first book overnight :P Again, this is absolutely one of those books that keep you glued to the pages. To me, the second book is the most satisfying (so far); it has romances, a bit of tense and less weird 'action'..err.. Read it and you'll get what I mean. Just don't read it in the train/bus..you might get a stare..

Now on the food. I figured I'd fix myself an Ana Stele's breakfast set, just to celebrate the whole idea of Fifty Shades. This breakfast set is based on Ana's favorite morning meal. Pancakes with maple syrup, bacons and a cup of Twinning English Breakfast tea. Sometimes, she added scrambled egg whites with it. They both seem to have it almost every morning. Love the Twinning Tea..I might keep it beside me while finishing the last installment of the trilogy. Have a lovely day guys! And go figure the book! :P

Laters, baby..hihi;) 

The pancake recipe is from here. 


  1. Don't you want to have a vanilla.......

    ice cream?

    yes, bag out, the tea i mean, like what Ms Steele prefers, hehehhe..

    aku nak the whole set of baju dlm wardrobe aku which someone pick and buy for me.. plus the red audi, pleasee.. hehehe

  2. hehe vanilla will definitely means something else from now on.. and the tea, I'm having it noww

    her wardrobe mmg insane.. aku nak Mr. Grey himself...boleh? hehe angau angau

  3. RC,
    Lama I tak jalan2 cari makan dkt sini hehehez. Telah dilanda penyakit M :D

    Ooohh patutlah ramai yg post buku ni dkt fb....rupanya ada ciri2 porn dlm novel tu hehehez. I ni pemalas nak baca buku.

    Luv u food photography.....mcm mana u set the camera utk amik gambar retro mcm ni? Or u guna PS?

  4. Salam Kenal RC...hmmmm...harus carik 50 shades of grey nihhh...kalau ada org recommend...mmg kene bace aaaa

  5. salam kenal too.. :) it's a very disturbing book and you will get an initial shock right after chapter 6.. If you do read the book, consider yourself warned.. :p

  6. anie... oh my god.. one of the main character's nicknames is Annie.. hihi..

    I kinda miss you, you know.. went to your blog, no updates isk isk.. I tried that roti tortoise, tapi x rupa sgt so x masuk blog haha

    i pun terjebak dlm kancah

  7. can I have your blog url? :) tq nak melawat he he

  8. Hi
    I stumbled upon your blog from RecipeNewZ. While I have amazed with the delicious food you have posted here, I am so much more in viewing all those with your beautiful shots. wish I can learn from you both in food as well as photography. You are more like a pro in both ways.

  9. very love the recipe & photography from here =0)
    harus vi try carik jugak buku tu nanti. menarik!
    pancake tu memang mengancam! nak try jugak resipi ni nanti =0)

  10. http://thisismymisblog.blogspot.com/
    hee...segan...blog biase2 jek....
    ahahah...ok...tp kalo skip2 bace x siok gak yer,,,ahahaha