November 14, 2011

On Family and Food IV

We spent the long weekend in my hometown. The Eid weekend. Raya Haji was still a Raya Haji to us, nothing fancy like the real Raya. The same ritual of Raya food feast and morning pray. No new cloth etc. We didn't do any qurban this year, but my my Andak's family did.  They chose to qurban one big buffalo and I got a small chunk out of it. Alhamdulilah. For me, buffalo meat tastes better than beef. I love them in kurma. 

Adam,  as usual, being frappy all the time, chasing his grandma chickens around, and being chased by his aunties after that. Good news. My mom is a grandma to nine Boer's babies this year. Bad news. We didn't get to check out the newborns. I bet they're all adorably cute.  

We got back in Singapore on Wednesday, with a loaded trunk of goodies. My mom homegrown's, of course. Kaffir lime leaves, the blue ginger, curry leaves, stalks of lemongrass, pandan leaves, more and more.....those which cost $ for me to buy here, and free to my mom. I wish I could plant those in pots. Dream on. 

Anyway, here's some photos of food I made from my mom's homegrown. 
Kampung eggs. I love half-boiled of them. I cooked some as masak lemak kuning, for Adam. 

Masak Lemak Kuning with eggs, garnishes with turmeric leaves.

Prawn sambal with petai. Make sure you listerine your mouth twice or more after you eat petai
and my mom's rendang itik (duck rendang). She cooked it. I bought the itik only. he he 

Husband is away again. Sigh. It's 8:30 am. I had to wake Adam up for his playgroup class. He'll be a bit mamai
and hopefully I get to persuade him for a bath... without tricks. 

Oh my. Here's come my routine without him.


  1. i like kerbau meat too. petai and duck, no loike :}

  2. kak RC, your mother rear kampung chicken? that's seriously awesome, I'd have half-boiled eggs for breakfast everyday if I and mom love them so much. hehe. everything you put here are my favorite too :)

  3. Noir,

    Diff ppl, diff taste kan.. Susan nak carik kerbau meat in SG.. Sure mahal if ada..

  4. Cahya,

    Yep.. Mcm2 ditanam n dibela .. Hihi I Suka telur kg for half boiled.. Telur biasa x sedap sgt, for me lah..

    Org Melaka mmg suka lauk pauk camni kan? Hihi

  5. Your mother's rendang itik looks sinful. If only I can have the recipe. :D

  6. Pick Yin,

    I know all the ingredients needed but you know la, old folks love to agak2 everything.. My rendang still hasn't reach my mom's level eventho I follow her step by step religiously hihi

  7. salams sis, the rendang itik looks delicious. boleh share recipe tak? hehe

  8. Iva,

    ditto @ pick yin comment he he

    InsyaAllah, will try to upload the recipe someday.. ;)

  9. RC
    Bestnya balik kampong when your mum is still around.. miss that!

    Your kampong dekat uitm lendu ke??