November 22, 2011

Black and White Wednesday- Fig Tart

The tart shell recipe is taken from Ijan of Blogresepi while the custard is from Evan's Kitchen Ramblings' creme patisserie, which is adapted from Donna Hay's Modern Classics 2.

This is just a quick note to let you know that I'm still here, alive. I'm busy with packing and planning for our holiday trip. Yeay@holiday..Boo@packing.. 

I've been a bit under the weather lately and the fridge seems to be my BFF, at the moment. Trust me, I hate this new symbiotic relationship I'm having with my fridge (not to forget, the weighing scale). Why is it so hard to lose weight? *staring at above photo* Hmm..I know. 

As for the fig tart, I won't repeat it. Ever. Don't get me wrong, I love the shell and the creme patisserie, but I hate the whole combination taste. Weird. The first bite was my last. I should've had try Sis Muna Mahdzar Fadaaq's Baked Figs with Ricotta Walnut and Maple Syrup instead. 

I love browsing at fig tarts/figs photos out there. The main reason why I made this tart at the first place ;) Too bad, it didn't turn out quite like those delicious photos..

The Black and White Wednesday is inspired from The Well-Seasoned Cook's Black and White Wednesday-A weekly Culinary Photo Event.


  1. Gorgeous photos. Glad that you feel well enough to share this lovely tart with us before you leave for your holidays. Have fun!

  2. how weird is the taste kak RC? I couldn't really recall if I've had fresh fig before..dried ones banyak laa.

  3. Salam RC,
    Owh, sorry that you don't like the taste. Maybe to substitute the fig with something else next time.

    Anyway, glad that you still like the pastries :D

    Have a great holiday! i would love to have one too :)


  4. Your photos are all beautiful. The top one is my favorite: you see, I have a soft spot for figs.

  5. What beautiful shots! I really like the processing.



  6. cahya, i tasted fresh figs once before.. it was fruity scented and sweet. love the crackling seeds inside.. perhaps another time with a real recipe.. this one rojak2 recipe i took from different person. ;)

    the tart has getah-taste.. hahaha..weird was supposed to taste sweet..

  7. Ijan,

    That pastry recipe is a keeper ;) I'll hold to it as long as I can..TQ.. dah 3x pki recipe yg sama hehe

  8. Simona,

    Me too.. I love looking at figs photo..there are mesmerizing..

  9. Simona & Rosa,

    Thank you for your feedback. Love your B&W photos also. :D

  10. i like figs, but cant imagine the taste of this...anyways....another work of art...beautiful!