March 25, 2011

Adam cooks on Monday..err..Friday he he

Alas, I'm few days late, but I still wanna squeezed this week "Adam cooks on Monday [ACOM]" today.. Adam and I went to the library last Monday, had our lunch outside, and by the time we were finally home, we both were so tired from the long walk. [Mommy was the one who got tired the most actually, had to carry him around after he tired to walk himself =p] So no cooking mooking on Monday. 
As usual, Adam did the easiest part only, and this time he got to sieve the dry ingredients. I helped him pour the ingredients on the sieve and let him kacau2 with a spoon. Memang mengacau pun after that.. he really kacau me by asking me to carry him around, messing the floor with the butter, sepah2kan my bowls and pots, and nearly tumpahkan tepung yg dah disieve tu.. err..err.. "I'd got to bring him out of my kitchen.." Switched on the TV, luckily Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on it, and he got excited & left Mommy by herself in the kitchen, with all the 'great' mess T_T 
No baking-making-caking after this..I'll let him spread the Peanut-Butter-Jelly instead. =P I should choose recipe with less preparation time and steps sepatutnya.. Obviously, I'm dealing with a 20 months toddler, who couldn't stand still even for a minute! And ade je new things that will catch his interest.. tu nak pegang, ini nak masuk mulut.. =p 
So here's my version of Steamed Zebra Cake. Mine is a bit hideous, isn't it. The taste is there, but there's no zebra stripes whatsoever inside.. Outside, adelah selai dua stripes.. =P And I forgot to tap the cake pan before I put it in the steamer, so there you go, uneven-rocky-mountainous top cake .. isk isk.

Steamed Zebra Cake {Recipe taken from Rima Bisous A Toi-Thanks!!!}
Yield: 8 pieces [I did half butter only]

  • 8 eggs
  • 250g sugar
  • 1 tbsp emulsifier
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 250g flour
  • 50g milk powder
  • 50g butter, melted
  • 50g fresh milk
  • 75g margarine, melted - I used butter
  • 2 tbsp instant coffee mix with a little hot water
  • 1 tbsp mocca paste - I used mocca latte paste
  1. Heat steamer.. greased a 24cm round pan.
  2. Beat ingredients A until thick and fluffy.
  3. Add in sifted B.
  4. Mix well. Weigh and divide batter into two equal part.
  5. Add C to one part, mix well, set aside.
  6. Add D to another part, mix well, set aside.
  7. Pour plain and mocca batter alternately till finish
  8. Steam on medium high fire for abt an hr or till set
  9. Remove from pan, slice into pieces. Serve.


  1. colour combination..cantikkk.. nak tanya emunsifier tu sama ke ngan ovelete?

  2. Izah,

    I rasa sama je..I pun guna ovalette.. :)

  3. So sweet! mother & son cooking day.. :) masa anak2 ai kecik dulu, mummy dia not interested langsung in no this kinda bonding time for sad!!sekarang dia orang lagi lah not interested langsung...only until bau cake dah naik, then sepuluh kali tawaf tu oven ..muehehe..

  4. bestnyeee adam cooking lagi!!..hehe, i nak ajak si aqil kna tunggu adiknye tido dlu, klu x semu benda xmenjadi..huuuu, btw moist nampak kek ni, sedap mkn petang2:)

  5. Kak Yat,

    Kena produce lagi sorang baby lah camtu, so leh wat cooking activity ng dia hehehe

  6. Mamma Olyn,

    Kek ni nampak je moist haha tak sebenarnya, ade sedikit bantat kat bawah..api kuat sgt kot masa tgh stim..

    Try la ajak Aqil cooking..sure dia suka buat benda baru.. you'll amazed at him or the mess he'll make =p hehe Aqil nampak dah besar sket dari Adam..senang sket nak handle kot.. :)

  7. besh nyer masak masak...hugs for adam from Mak Piah.

  8. RC

    wahkahkaha...u really made me laugh!!! I dont think so la...tapikan rezeki, u never know..ada tak tolak..hehehe...pengsannn... :)

  9. RC
    Psst.. bila Yat mula 'pengsan', bolehlah I make an appearance kat sinun, hehe.

    Warna kek tu mcm ada kaitan dgn gajah/mug tu. Terasa mcm kat safari Afrika jer..

  10. K Yat,

    pengsan kejap je, 2,3 tahun hehehe saya pun berkira2 nak ade second one.. nak kena ulang cycle yg sama balik..phew~~

  11. CS,

    tu Adam nyer feveret mug.. konon related lah since K Rima nyer kek ni kan zebra kek.. hehe

  12. rajinnya bujang tocit tu...heheheh nice cake nanti mak nak coba lah RC...