Japan Trip: Yokohama, Dec 2013 (Day 3&4)

Monday, January 27, 2014

I love taking my time with holiday photos. Each picture brings me to the joy where it was last captured. Ah, I miss this beautiful city. It's a quiet city, I must say, yet the city has charmed me in its own way. How I wish I'm at the Yamashita Park right now, feeding the seagulls...
Cliche breakfast shot
Ramen Museum
Essential Maggi event-adult only! :P
I love this kinda of breakfast!
That Marron Danish is a diedie must eat! And I love Marron Latte too.. 
sunset at 1630

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7 clowns replied

  1. wow. akak dah buka kedai jual baju di japan ya.. sila beri diskaun please...

  2. hi! stumbled upon your blog. love the photos of japan.. will be going there too mid year , hope to get as much photos as possible too.

  3. Great! will try to upload more pics....soon. :)

  4. Hello Ribbon Circus..
    I just love watching at photos you snapped..very nice.
    And also enjoy yr IG too.