March 26, 2014

Desiderata Magazine Vol 2: Karipap "Curry Puffs"

I've been blogging for years (well, on and off) and I never thought an opportunity like this would come knocking on my door. It's a bit surreal... it's like a dream comes true to me. A spread in a're kidding me right? :D (Psst.. it's just a small contribution but I'm making a big deal about it :P) And these feelings doubled last week when I received a copy of the magazine in my hand. Thank you Desiderata Magazine for this golden opportunity. Absolutely amazing! Well done guys! There's also a bunch of familiar, talented people with their respected stories and photographs of amazing, amazing works and places inside. Do get you copy here, they ship it worldwide. More about Desiderata Magazine here and you can also follow them through Instagram. :)