September 7, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin and Pineapple "Tulip" Tart Tutorial ;P

Last year, I told myself I wasn't going to make any Eid cookies this year. Read here whyIt's hard, I thought. But I've got to be firm with my decision.. I managed to keep my hands off the oven for the first two weeks. Then, somewhere in the middle of Ramadhan, my mom told me that she rather have me baking her cookies than spending $$ on tunjuk2 cookies. Yeay! I got the chance to bake like everyone else. :D

Well, I dont't have trouble making my mom's order despite the time I had in my hand during that last week huhu I managed to find time and made 5 types of cookies and 3 layer cakes for my mom and my relatives here (not to mention the baking orders). Most of the cookies are simple, i.e. cornflakes cookies and that freezer cookies, so no supermom or superbaker badge for that..The only cookies that took a lot of my time was the Pineapple Tulip Tart. 

You see..I sort of promised some of you guys that I would put up a step by step entry on how to do this Tulip Tart- I received few emails for that only. I wanted to upload this entry sooner, but you know me..hihi I'm the biggest procrastinator in the WWWeb :P So I managed to squeezed some time {finally} and make this step by step for those who asking. 

First and foremost, let me remind you that this is my way of doing it. I'm not sure whether there are any right tools/ shorter ways of doing it. This method of mine is time-consuming and it needs lot of patience and U-tube movies-so you can save yourself from boredom while doing it. It took me 4 hours to shape the tart ONLY and I ONLY get 100 pieces out of that 4 hours-I layan 3 idiots (movie) :P So think twice before you want to embark on this Tulip Tart journey. I did this once before(here) and this year I made some for my mom and SIL. This year's wasnt pretty as the last 2 years since I somehow running out of time :P So here it is. 

Note: I used Kak Fida's Cream Cheese Pineapple Tart as dough.Nyum!
Psst..sorry for the low quality photos..taken with my iPhone coz I really don't have much time to set up my camera that day.. huhu 


  1. Yasalaaaaaaammm penyabar nyer awak Ribbon. * bow*

    Gambar tetap cantek...:-)

  2. MP,

    MMg tunggu 2 tahun lagi baru buat balik kuih tulip ni.. sengaja carik penyakit gentel bentuk ni :P

  3. I love cookies and I am sure to try this shape. They look fun and delicious, the pineapple filling is tempting me a lot. Hope you and the family had a great Eid!

  4. RC,
    Looks tedious indeed! I can't encourage myself to even make the rolled type of tart, let alone this tulip ones. Huhu! But yours sure look beautiful!