May 22, 2012

Blueberry Oreo Chiffon Cake

Yippee! My first Chiffon Cake. Some people said you can't call yourself a baker unless you've baked a Chiffon Cake..Hmm..really? It seem tricky, but they aren't that bad. I seriously enjoyed the whole process of making this cake.
The cake is so soft and moist. The sweetness level is just perfect, and the blueberry taste is quite prominent. I ate few slices in one sitting and my oh my, it was so gooooood. The cake is known for its lower cholesterol and fat content, so it make me feel less guilty eating it. 
As for the guys, Adam hates blueberry, so he only had one small piece of it (He used to love berries..sigh). Husband, on the other hand, had no idea why am I so happy over a piece of fluffy cake :P He he Let him be. He won't understand the art of making a chiffon cake. He just do what he's best at, which is eating and splurging me with kitchen toys :P

The recipe is from Bisous A Toi. Thanks K Rima for sharing this recipe :) 
Oppss..too much sugar! 
Btw, today is the first day of Rejab. So "Slamat Berpuasa" to those who're fasting today. :)  

Blueberry Oreo Chiffon Cake
Source: Bisous A Toi
(I half the ingredients to suit my 17cm chiffon pan)

6 egg yolks
100g blueberry yogurt
150g flour - i used cake flour
4g baking powder
100g caster sugar
3g salt
100g vegetable oil - i used canola oil

6 egg whites
1g cream of tar tar
100g sugar
50g of blueberry oreo - cut into tiny bits
enough blueberry paste or purple colour

1. Preheat oven 150C
2. Whisk egg yolks with sugar till pale in colour.. add in yogurt and also oil.. add in ur sifted flour, baking powder and also salt.. lastly add in purple colour- set aside
3. In another bowl.. whisk egg white with cream of tar tar till foamy.. slowly add in sugar a little at a time and whisk till soft peak.
4. Scoop 1/3 egg white meringue and add to egg yolk mixture.. fold in gently. once combined.. pour ur egg yolk mixture into meringue and continue to fold in gently and lightly.. once mixed pour half of ur mixture into a 22cm tube pan.. sprinkle half of ur oreo blueberry.. pour the rest of ur mixture and lastly throw in the rest of ur oreo blueberry. [RC Note:Tap your pan one or two times]
5. Bake it for 50mins.. once baked.. turn ur chiffon pan and once its cool.. take it out of ur pan..


  1. kak RC ^^ sungguh gebus!! tun mmg kurang confident nak mencipon nih. dh berzaman beli acuan chiffon tu, buat perkasam je. 

  2. Interesting, never had blueberry one. Must summon the missus to bake for me. The last time I bake pandan, twas a disaster :)

  3. The color of this cake is so eye catching and it looks perfectly moist-yum! The flavor alone is something your rarely find in a chiffon cake, so I find this very creative and unique.  Well done.

  4. RC,
    I think that 'some people' are right. Saya baca segala pantang larang untuk buat chiffon cake ni je, terus takut nak buat. Haha! Sama macam macs.

    Chiffon cake ni buleh dibubuh fillings macam sponge cake tak ek?

    Your photos love lovely, as always.

  5. Balik akan ku buat chiffon.. harus start engine dgn cake cam gini so tak berat bila termakan byk hahaha

  6. loveeeee chiffon cake!! i suka wat vanilla chiffon @ strawberry chiffon... nnti ble try blueberry lak..tq 4 sharing:))

  7. buat cepat Tun.. berhabuk acuan tu dah :P tiba2 je angin chiffon meribut kat rumah nih he he

  8. Noir,

    At least u've try it, that big thing already..My hubby tolong belikan acuan chiffon je huhu 

  9. Oh my..all the credit should go to the owner of the recipe. I just CNP it here :D 

  10. Aida, 

    I rasa you boleh buat punya.. pukul je itu egg whites sapai tak jatuh he he 

    Boleh bubuh filling sbb it kindda bland to some ppl.. I pun ada plan nak buh filling next time I try another recipe.. 

    My photos tak cun sgt lah hari ni.. tension sbb pakai camera baru..seme benda tak familiar lagi hukhukk..

  11. Kak Rima.. byk2 kek chiffon, yg blueberry ni mmg best!! tak sabar I nak try lain2 resepi.. I dah beli cheddar cheese, so I might make that one first before I try the classic pandan he he 

  12. Anie,

    Awwwwww...mana ade terer..terror ade lah..disaster kitchen sbb nak make sure everything jadik ha ha 

    I tgk video youtube byk2 before buat kek it kindda help jugak.. according to youtube, you kena tap the pan after you taruk the batter inside kalau nak hilangkan those big holes...wallahualam..

    I baru buat 3 kali, so taleh komen byk2..mana tahu my fourth chiffon nanti penyek gak haha 

  13. mammaolyn, 

    I gi website you carik recipe vanilla chiffon enggak ada.. Sila share both recipes kalau boleh  heheh macam best je vanilla chiffon..:D