January 17, 2012

Adam Bakes: C is for Cookies

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me..  
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me 
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.
Oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C. 

Adam kept putting Cookie Monster song on repeat while we baked this cookies...

I  love baking with Adam.  Of course, minus the kitchen mess he'd made after that. He can now understands instructions better.  He poured the ingredients, which I've prepared earlier, by himself. He screamed his lungs out if I tried to hold his hands. he he and he can scoop the batter and put it on the baking trays neatly.. all by himself... Yeay..

The first tray was gone minutes after it cooled down. He munched it while watching that cookies monster's clip. Again and again. Huh.  

That night, I slept with that songs playing in my head. Ok..creepy... C is for Creepy. 

Update (Jan 18): 

Chocolate Chippers
Adapted from The Treat Truck Baking Book by Kim Ima
Makes 11/2 to 3 dozen cookies, depending on how big you make them


1 cup butter, softened
1 cup firmly packed dark Brown Sugar
3/8 cup white sugar
1 egg
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt- I put 1/2 spoon only.. 
1 to 11/2 cups semisweet or milk choc chips- I added more..


1. Preheat oven to 350F (176-178 C)

2. In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugars together until light and fluffy. Add the egg and vanilla and mix well

3. In a medium bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt

4. Gradually add the flour mixture to the butter mixture, mixing well as you go. Stir in the chocolate chips

5. Scoop the dough into round drops (big or little, you decide!) with a spoon or ice cream scoop and place them 2 inches apart on a baking sheet

6. Bake for 9 to 12 mins, or longer as needed or desired. Remember that the cookies will continue to bake a bit after they come out of the oven. If you like them soft or crispy, you may vary the time accordingly. (RC: I love crispy cookies, so I baked them for 12 mins)

7 let the cookies cool 9if you can resist!) before moving them from the baking sheet. 


  1. So cute! Love the color of your KA.

  2. c for cutenyer diaaaaaaaaa..
    hug hug Adam.

  3. the cookies looks delish. care to share the recipe please?

  4. Yan,

    I'll try to update this entry tonight.. InsyaAllah.. I was in rush, n I missed the most important part; te recipe.. Hihi

  5. RC
    Jr Masterchef in the making nampaknya nih...

    1. Hehe mengisi masa lapang sebenarnye.. Dah penat conteng2.. Gi dapur plak..

  6. Entry blog ini sungguh berpengaruh..hari tu pas tgk entry cottage pie kita terus rebus kentang..haha

    1. Haha you did? Pasni buat cookies plak :P

    2. Kehkeh adunan cookies dah siap...cuma dlm fridge lg...
      Kuih goyang x kot...mls lah yg jenis beracuan-acuan ni....hihihi

  7. RC,
    Alahai... so cute! Amazed too at his skills! Hehe!

    Them cookies look yummeh!

    1. Patin,

      Budak2 buat ape pun cute.. Adam scoop dough tu tp still senget2.. So mommy still kena tolong arrangekan kasik straight kt baking tray.. Huhu

  8. After seeing those cookies..I have to bake some too!Am now searching pulak for that ginger cookies yg old skool version...hmmm...

    1. Oh I remember that old school version ginger cookies.. My mom used to bake that.. Next week kitaorg buat kan tuk auntie Yat eh hehe

  9. Looks delicious. Would love for you to share your pictures with us over at foodepix.com.

  10. Yum! These cookies look so good. I could handle a dozen!

  11. Hi Russell,

    Thanks for dropping by.. Your blog is AMAZING!!! 100++ definitely will visit often!!!!

  12. How cute! How old is Adam by the way? I love baking with my little girl too...I know right they make a lot more mess than cookies or muffins but then, the experience with them in the kitchen is priceless. Thanks for sharing this recipe. We will have another kitchen adventure with these cookies very soon.

  13. C is for cuteness!! kids kalau membaking if messy also tak per.. bagi dia explore hehe

  14. Hi MyFudo,

    Adam is 21/2 year.. yerp, I agree with you..the exp is priceless ;)

    I'm jumping to your page now..

  15. K Rima,

    Yerp.. Kena ajar dia clean up sama2 so senang sket keje I hahaaha

  16. TQ TQ TQ for the recipe. will try to bake them this weekend.