December 1, 2011

Seoul: It's about Adam.

Yep, you read it right. We're in Seoul rite now. It's a business trip cum holiday. Business for Husband, pleasure for both Adam and 

There's nothing like holiday, at first. The journey from Changi to Incheon was rough. It was a midnight flight and Adam was a first timer. Duh..I should've had an early vision for the upcoming event, but I didn't. Where did my instinct go?  Half an hour into the flight, Adam's temperature started to build up. The temp reading was 39.4. It made me anxious a lil bit. Be cool, I reminded myself. It must be the sweater. He must be hot, since the air was a bit stuffy in our area. Adam being Adam, sigh.. he refused to let the sweater off.  I just let him be. 

Second hour on the flight, he threw up. I felt irritated as I cleaned it up. I should have had rip that sweater earlier. Still blaming the sweater. We took another half an hour to persuade him into changing into new clothes. Luckily, we bring spare clothes. And the thermometer. 

We changed him, rinsed off the dirty clothes, asked plastic bag for it, and few minutes after that, he threw up on us, and continued to do so for the next hour. It was a puking saga. I felt helpless and sad, as I watching him squeezing his tummy muscles out for nothing. He was REALLY sick and I couldn't do anything. The wafting smell was bad at that moment. We ignored the complaining passenger and continued to do our job as a parent. Adam needs us. He was having a motion sickness, indeed. 

Luckily (again), our seats were located right next to the toilet. We ended up staying at the toilet area, and it was a war zone for us. We had him sit without shirt and let him puked whenever he wanted. Poor boy, pity him. I really felt helpless. I was at the end of the rope when I took out my Minyak Cap Kapak Oitment,dropped a few on tissues paper, and let him smelled it. Alhamdulillah, it helped him a bit. I should have bring his own oitment on board next time. We wrapped him with the airline blanket and I let my husband hold him. He slept on his daddy's shoulder for almost an hour. Mind you, he's 14kg toddler, and what my husband did amazed me. I holded him for mere minutes(when Husband took his turn to eat), and I started aching here and there. 

The whole experience has taught us lot of things. First, bring spares clothes for everyone. I ended up like a zombie with puke smell after we landed. Secondly, expect all the worst nightmares before you fly with you little one (s). Bring every single thing needed. Google it. Since we just discovered (the hard way), that Adam is prone to motion sickness, we will have to find some anti-nausea med before we fly home. (So far, it's hard to find pharmacy that sell 'everything under the roof' here) .

All the crappy things about stewardess and passengers with kids won't help you were nonsense in our case. The SIA stewardess assisted us from A to Z. She helped me cleaned up the mess, covering our seat, drying up Adam's clothes, and she even sprayed some air freshener to clear up the smell, at our request. She keep asking me "are you okay, do you need anything?" (My face read HELP ME all the time, probably..ha ha ) Thank you SIA stewardesses. The chief crew even asked whether we wanted any medical help on board. We wanted to pursue it at first, but after everything was clear, we decided not to. There was another mother with kids (eight kids to be exact) on board, and she asked me what happened and how am I doing.. she was on her way to the toilet and  remember our war zone? When I was back in my seat, the nice lady came near me and offered me a Panadol syrup for Adam. There's still love and concern in this world. Alhamdulilah. The stewardess gave me the tablet one earlier, and it was hard to get Adam to chew them.   Since Adam was sleeping at that time, I told her we'll get it from her if we need it. She's a mother to eight kids, no wonder she bring everything on board.. she must have learnt a lot. :D

Last but not least, both parents should be cool with the whole situation. I know I'm not. I was the one with the helpless, sad and irritated feeling at the whole things, the whole time. My husband, on the other hand, is a great man with high patience and passion. Thank God for that. He had to take care not only Adam but ME. Yep.. I know.. silly me..I'm so gonna have to master on self-control more.. isk isk Bottom line..We are very lucky to have him as a husband and daddy, respectively. :)  

Anyway, Adam is not having fun, at the moment. He keep throwing tantrum here and there. Everything is new to him..We went for a walk yesterday, and the cold weather was indeed cold. Adam being Adam (again), refused to wear his thermal clothing. He keep screaming at me. Ouch. (And my patience is thinning..oh sabar sabar..) No cap, no gloves, no scarf, no ear puffs, no stroller's rain cover. He wants to wear his long john, jacket and hood only. That's after a loooooong struggle with him. I'm totally blank and I have no ideas on how to persuade him into wearing his cap and gloves. Oh please pour me some tips, or we have no holiday at all. =P 


  1. oh my. byk nya dugaan... kene prepare everythinglah kan.. hmm but mum still a mum.. she can manage her child in any situation..:) have a nice trip sis.

    p/s xmas I nk ke singapore.. 2d 1n.. stay at clark quay area.. ;)

  2. huwaaaaa....i need a holiday, i nak gi spore in jan, day or two day trip!!!

  3. Woooowww! I am so glad I found your blog. It's the most awesome blog I've seen in a long long time. Definitely gives the inner Nigella in me a big kick *lol*

    I hope that you will have alot of time to enjoy Seoul and perhaps, take time to go skiing. Otherwise, for me, Seoul = endless shopping!

    P.S: Would you mind if I include you in my bloglist? Thanks in advance.

  4. oh, I'm jealous of you kak RC. I wish I'm there too..huhu.

  5. Have a pleasant stay there. It's fun there and great for shopping!!!and have a save journey home.

  6. Angerik,

    You were right on mum being a mum.. We'll survive in any situation, though a well planned trip may help us further.. :)

    So u're coming on Xmas? We probably balik kampung during that date hehe Do enjoy ur stay here okay.. Clark quay area cantik ;)

  7. KG,

    You're coming here as well.. Fix a date early, so boleh jumpa hehe

  8. Hi Cara Lim,

    Wow.. Awesome? Are you sure? Lol TQ very much..:D I love ur blog too.. Witty and genuine. If I was right, I've been following you before you decided to delete all your previous entries.. Lol

    Skiing..probably not a good idea.. My son would push me down the hill hahaha I opt for the safer choice; shopping.. I'm staying in myeong dong area and it's crazyyyy!!

    Go ahead, put me on top of ur bloglist lol

  9. Hang on there dear. Think of all the nice things, instead of all the 'challenges'. Don't forget to enjoy yourself! :)

  10. Alahai..kesiannya Adam.Mommy and daddy too!I feel you RC sebab my son dulu pun macam tu.He was having motion sickness and threw up on the seat while all of us were having our lunch.It was a flight from Syria-KL.Luckily I brought extra plastic bags,clothes and all sorts.Before that we did give him the ubat tahan muntah/mabuk but I guess it didn't work so well.Imagine masa tu semua orang tengah makan and I'm cleaning the puke..erks!

    It seems that Adam is enjoying himself there.Terlupa dia segala drama dalam plane haritu.You have a great day yeah!

    -Mira Marlena-

  11. Mesti ada punye motion sickness remedy for kids dkt pharmacy, kena tanya la kot, eh org sana mau tak ckp omputis?

    kalau ko tanya aku, mmg macam2 aku bawak dlm flight masa yaya umur mcm adam, hehe.. pakkal tak leh bawak satu robok, hehehe..

    aku mmg main paksa pakai all layers, sebab aku nye ugutan, tak pakai, taknak kawan, hahahahaha

    good luck pe'jah, u can do it!!

  12. RC
    yep hang in there.. but i hear ya.. not easy.. i know.. but bec i know i hv to get use to having si kecik each time i travel with hb.. ku kuat kan semagat jugak.. die die must kuat kan jugak or else lain kali tak leh ikut..

    I hv been travelling with sonia since dia masih kat peyut hehe.. when shes two and half month she did her first long haul.. to aussie land.. it was challenging indeed.. my hb jenis kureng sikit kesabaran so i hv to be the one yg harus handle everything.. imagine travelling alone fm one state to another cos my hb kena travel to another state... difficult but i cekal kan jugak.. the botom line is.. try to think positive.. enjoy ur hols even if it means spending time with him jumping on ur hotel bed lol.. thats what me and sonia will do lol and yes harus bawak segala macam benda bila naik plane..

    Abt Adam not having fun and throwing tantrum.. i tell u what.. if dia tak nak pakai thermal let him be.. bila dia kesejukan dia akan rasa .. sonia also tak suka pakai cap so tak yah bother abt it.. once he feels the cold he will ask for it himself.. same dgn gloves.. cos thats what sonia does.. well that was what happened last year while we were in germany... nak main snow tapi tak nak pakai gloves.. i let her rasa.. terpekik and then tangan semua merah.. fm that day dia tak habis habis nak pakai gloves hahaha

    Dont be put off by his actions.. kids will be kids.. so if u tak leh do anything big.. just do small things with him.. bottom line is.. both of u guys enjoy!

  13. Hi ,
    Wow in Seoul, bestnye... I could imagine those difficult time in the flight. Poor adam he got such a bad sickness :(

    Agree with Kak Rima, don't have to paksa Adam to wear those. Bila dia sejuk, nanti dia sendiri akan minta. hehe... Harap banyak sabar ye... and don't forget to enjoy ur holidays :)


  14. RC baru sempat membaca nieh... I realize that kita nie ada part sama. Bila dugaan pasal anak2 yang mcm RC nie.. my hubby lagi sabar. MM cepat huru hara dan terbawak. Last2 sekali apa pun tak ada.. nak senyum pun dah susah sbb susah hati sbb rimas sbb semua lah :p

    Bab2 bawak spare tu mmg yer lah.. MM sbb Laiqah dr kecik - aft masuk umur 7hr lagi jenis yang muak/muntah. bukan yang leleh tau.dia yang jenis tersembur sungguh2. So mmg baju dia.. MM punya n kadang2 hubby punya baju bawak merata.. Even nak pegi dekat pun kena bawak... lampin atas bahu telah lah.. huhu.. Masuk umur 9bulan baru berhenti tak silap.. Tapi maybe kes motion sickness nie lagi teruk kot... Jadi ibu nie gitu lah ekk... dlm hati kena berkata-kata.."sabar..sabar.." :D

    Anyway, i hope u manage to enjoy ur trip n had plenty of fun.. take care.