July 15, 2011

Black and White Wednesday- Salted Fish

I once bumped into a black and white (B&W) recipebook and thought it was the foolish idea ever.. Who's gonna buy or lend a B&W recipebook rite? Before today, I always thought food photos in B&W are just dull and uninviting, but I was wrong.. B&W shots are interesting (not to forget, challenging!) and with a bit of creativity and techniques, it could be as great as the normal colored shots too.. 

Hmm..Where did I get this idea of B&W food photo anyway? From The Well-Seasoned Cook, which I first learned from My Diverse Kitchen blog :) Thank you guys for opening such door. If you guys, readers, are interested to take part in this photo event, you're welcome to dig more infos on both links. 

Psst.. I know it's Friday..but I can't hold this until next Wednesday he he I'm so thrill with this new event.. ;) my foodography mojo is soo back!! 

Psst.Psst..I'm still in Malacca.. ;)


  1. That is such a fine shot. I do understand why you couldn't wait until Wednesday. ; )

    Thanks so much, Ms. Ribbon, for contributing such a great image to BWW Food.

  2. taknak kawannnn!!

    sapa suruh ko balik melaka, aku jealous!!!

  3. RC!!! Miss reading ur blog! Miss drooling at ur beautiful photos! Lamanya menghilang!

  4. There's nothing like a good black and white shot. I agree they could be used nicely in food photography - but I'll always love to see desserts in colour!