August 29, 2010

Kek Kukus Buah-Buahan Cik Mat Gebu

You can get the recipe here

.I've been eying this cake from CMG blog for ages. But did'nt have enough guts to try it out because of the word 'kukus' (steam). 

My previous experiences with kukusan were bad.. Steam pau pun boleh melekit2, x rupe pau.. he he 

But today, with full of baking spirit, off me to the nearest runcit to prepare the ingredients. Golden Churn in 474g tin can cost me SGD7.30. Ouch! Mahal.. klu tak jadik kek aku, mmg lah.. 

What's make me change my mind ( to kukus this cake) is that, all recipes, especially ones that involved baking, in Mat Gebu blog were indeed tested and idiotproof!!

[but this is steaming, tu baking ;p] 

Nevertheless, my nearly 12-hrs work was paid off!!! 

Tada.. presenting Cik Kek Kukus.. thee..hee..

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